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  1. It is rlly nice but its got a lot of colateral damage potential in real life, I'd like to see it in a cod game :D
  2. Its got a ton of muzzle velocity, but that means its got a lot of colateral damage potential, back to the f2000, what attachment(s) do you use on it? I use fmj and rd since I rush with it
  3. Hey johnson you should check out FN's Five-seveN pistol, its pretty beast.
  4. Oh, lol well your right, the way they perform is quite different
  5. really?, well look at it when you have the red dot scope on, then look at a halo assault rifle, i can see a similarity: sorry bout the huge-ass link, but idk how to put pics on the replies, i dont even think u can, can you? lol
  6. yea I know right, the new movie looks awesomee!, and the fact that Daft Punk is making the soundtrack makes it even better.. ahhh :mrgreen:
  7. dang...so he met Elena Siegman? that's tight, I always activate those songs when I play, even if it annoys the hell out of most people.. did this happen when he went over there to tour the studio?
  8. Hey so about the f2000 and stuff...doesn't it kinda remind anyone of the halo assault rifle (this is for the halo fanboys/girls out there) oh and johnson, what do you think about the Five-seveN from FN?
  9. Well from what I cam tell, they definitely have gone to Der Riese and have taken info from there. But since these are American papers and offices they weren't the first ones to get them. If you look at the end of WW2, the Soviets reached Berlin before the US did, so they would have access to 115 and other materials there before the US. As we saw in the trailer, the player was in a Russian lab, being tested with some kind of experimental chemicals. This leads me to believe that both the US and USSR are "racing" to get that working formula that the Germans had before. Maybe they didn't know that the product of this was Nazi Zombies and big-ass flaming dogs, but instead they were looking for possible military applications for this super elements the Germans had (think ray gun and Wunderwaffe). It look like a possibility for Zombies to be in the campaign, US and Soviet black ops to steal research info on the Nova and in Vietnam, they could be looking for something. Remember how Shi No Numa was in a swampy jungle? Well Vietnam happens to be a swampy jungle in many places. And since Shi No Numa was said to have a big stock of element 115, it would make sense that SOG would be sent to secure it. Idk I'm just speculating, but what do y'all think? Cheers! [brains]
  10. Well, I'm pretty sure we all know that zombies and Tron, if you know about Tron that is, have nothing in common. But, I did find an interesting coincidence in the way people have gotten info about these two topics. Well, remember how this GkNova thing started with carbonfibah and some other receiving USBs in the mail? Well the Tron people had the same happen to them; here you can read it at the bottom under "Marketing": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tron_Legacy. They even had a website similar to GkNova with puzzles for them to solve on it. Anyways this is just an interesting coincidence I found and thought it could be nice to share Oh and about the live drop.... remember how the Giovanni got shot twice? Well why would the case have the two bullet casings? How did uboat get them? Are they're any fingerprints on them? They have to have some importance... Cheers. [brains]
  11. Carbonfibah: You better watch out man, the fist three names on the "hit-list" are either crossed out (dead) or being sought out, your next on the list.... :shock: lolz goblue418: I tried to email those emails and failed, apparently they don't exist, or regular email accounts can email them, inter-organization mail maybe? and about the rocket guided missile launcher, in the reveal trailer there is a pretty chunky missile launcher shown for a few seconds, and it look like if it could have the hardware in it for a guided launch. This is a great, great find, it makes the ol' der riese easter eggs look like crayon writing on a kids bib. This is truly Treyarchs test on all true zombie fans who didn't leave zombies for the whore of MW2..... good thing I found this site :D
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