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  1. i think hes talking about the side effects of teleporting
  2. i always thought when the guy in radio was talking about programming he was referring to a zombie because in the der reise radios you heard maxis trying to give commands to a zombie so maybe they are trying to find a way to control the zombies.
  3. anybody notice that one of the pods with people inside is tip over and empty maybe thats how zombies got to kino or the crawlers
  4. got to round 12 with four people then then stupid pentagon theif stole all of are guns(i hate that thing so much) :x
  5. i saw a fallout bunker in the map maybe it opens up and theres some type of secret inside
  6. im going to play sp on easy(i want to finish it fast) then play zombies with friends and then waste away my life on mp(4 more days!!!)
  7. you can still sign in someone as a guest thats better than nothing
  8. there are 15 prestiges and 50 lvls vahn confirmed this on the official black ops forum
  9. its already confirmed that 5 prestiges are way to low
  10. to me after playing some cod4 and then watching the videos of black ops the kill time looks the same.Then i played some mw2 and saw the kill time was much faster in mw2 then black ops :D
  11. it looks like you are holding a meat cleaver in one of the pictures
  12. please do not skip school no matter how much you want this game it is not worth it,school is much more important.
  13. as long as there is no commando i would be fine with a tac knife
  14. argyros

    PaP machine

    why wouldnt it make sense :?:
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