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  1. See the funny part is that I had convinced my self you were wrong.....I was thinking equilateral lol mah bad
  2. Wait if he says obtuse vertices of a scalene triangle...that's not possible to have an obtuse vertice of a scalene
  3. So wait just so I'm making sure.....did you get the quote saying that you got all three nodes or just two? I'm definitely buying into this I just want to make sure all my information is clear.
  4. Jeez I thought maybe it was something new pardon me...
  5. So what's in the middle then? Why do I have a feeling my pre-calc knowledge is going to be used soon...
  6. Ahhhhhh see I'm a bit rusty and haven't done the egg yet...thanks for clearing that up.
  7. So maxis says you found two vertices of the scalene....what's the overhead view of the 3 turbine locations because he could mean a scalene triangle. Is the tower in the center?
  8. How cool would it be if we got like der riese and it wouldn't even be like a quarter of the map :o
  9. In the long run, if they were trying to connect it story-wise, it would be totally open not just the bottom floor. Shame. What does the nacht comic signify tho did we ever figure it out?
  10. Unfortunately its WAYYY too foggy.... Does this mean that the 4 heroes or the marines were at tranzit at one point? Why nacht like i understand its tiny enough to just drop it in but there has to be more to this.
  11. Hmmmm there has to be a reason NDT is in this map. *dusts off theorist hat* It's good to be back. As for the building it is definitely nacht. Couldnt catch a glimpse myself as i was sprinting for my life ans those damn things were on me. I ran through the field but went in a circle and booked. I saw it in a video just now though. Could it have something to do with the nacht comic page? Something that also comes to mind is the idea of when you teleport, your surroundings come with you. Almost like shangri-laand the mountains, no? Somethings VERY screwy here. Can someone confirm that nacht is there from the start? (although i guess theoretically it has to be)
  12. when he shows the frame that has the two riot shields in front and someone is shooting from behind, that blueprint is completely revealed. I haven't been surfing the site very well but it has actually been revealed to be most likely 99% the Der Riese blueprints. I have a link of RADAUSTINS video which shows a close up on it not to mention in the "zombie bus" trailer if you pause it when she cracks her knuckles its in plain sight. It's almost like this Der Riese blueprint will be very significant.
  13. Maybe give me a small hint. Sorry but I seriously have no idea and can't come up with anything. Or pm me what it is then I won't tell. I'm just completely lost. Just a bit of advice, if you don't know what it is then I wouldn't bother finding out cause it kinda ruins it. ^^^^^^ This x115....Kinda wish I could take it back but eh it happened..I learned my lesson
  14. Because the information is what the zombie community deserves, but not what it needs right now. Nice Dark Knight touch, eh? But seriously im sure many questions will be answered tomorrow and if not...the truth is out there (See now with the X-Files memes Im on a roll) :lol:

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