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  1. Who killed Gio? Do we have any idea outside of "GK"?
  2. It probably instructed him to do as such. Keep in mind he got a lot of info so maybe one is directions on what to do with it. Just sit tight everyone. He will do what he can.
  3. Hey does anyone know how many zombies come each round and much it is affected by the number of players? Also stuff like how manybullets it takes to kill a zombie every round. Anyone ever compile info like this?
  4. Did anyone see if those 7 digit numbers in the document are zip codes ? I'm on my iPhone so haven't looked into it. Prolly a stretch since the document isn't US origin
  5. does anyone know how to get the pdf out of the .rar file? Because I have programs that can crack pdfs but I need to get it out of the .rar first
  6. The thing that doesnt make sense is that the first 2 letters are the same. How many words start with the first 2 letters being the same?
  7. People boost in MW2 FFA because of Tactical Insertion. For Cod: Black Ops, I do want camo's and just normal killstreaks because people just camp way too much with high killstreaks, maybe they could make them 5-7-9 though because that presents more of a challenge that 3-5-7. No... they used ta inserstions to boost. But the majority boosted to get nukes. Why get nukes? because you get an emblem. If there was no emblems, no one would boost nukes in FFA because theres no reason to. Why did no one boost in waw? No emblems, no camos, etc. Im sick of boosters and cheaters and MW2 is like 90% full of em.
  8. See I dont want camo. I dont want titles or emblems. These are why people boost. This is why FFA is ruined on Mw2. This is why my legit emblems and legit camos mean nothing.
  9. Commando will not make its way back. You can increase knife range without overpowering it. Commando lets you teleport (I.e. when your mid lunge during commando your technically invincible) and it doesnt slow down your knife. Bayonet increased range but slowed it down. I.E. BALANCED. Commando is broken and stupid and the developers that post on the WaW forums agreed. Also I think Stopping Power should stay simply for the fact that if it were gone, everyone would use Cold Blooded/Camoflauge/ UAV Jammer. And that would defeat the whole purpose of killstreaks.
  10. What update? I played WaW all night last night >_> Didn't get prompted for an update..
  11. Im pretyy confused by this GKNOVA stuff. I mean, we all end up figuring out their codes but the answers dont really link us to anything but a time period. Meh, I guess well just have to wait and see.
  12. Etherium

    M O D

    Someone guessed Modulo, might be it. Idk A.2. The modulo Function The modulo function is, simply, the remainder function. It is commonly used in programming and is critical to the operation of any mathematical function using digital computers. To calculate X modulo Y (usually written X mod Y), you merely determine the remainder after removing all multiples of Y from X. Clearly, the value X mod Y will be in the range from 0 to Y-1. Some examples should clear up any remaining confusion: 15 mod 7 = 1 25 mod 5 = 0 33 mod 12 = 9 203 mod 256 = 203 Modulo arithmetic is useful in crypto because it allows us to set the size of an operation and be sure that we will never get numbers that are too large. This is an important consideration when using digital computers.
  13. Personally, I feel that this whole GKNova thing will be over by May 17ths when they release Cod7 info in playstation mag. So 5-5-2010 might work, expecially since May 5th is when the Freedon 7 rocket went into space. But at the same time it might be trying to tell us a passkey/phrase. Freedom=7 could be telling us to look at Freedom being 7 letters. 5+5=10 might be telling us that 2 words of 5 letters each are needed for the cipher. Like Curie and Hertz or something. Only 2 things I can think of that 5+5=10 could remotely mean.
  14. Oh my fault. Sorry for the confusion. What parts are currently unsolved?
  15. I just want to point out that the m o d - 1 0 0 Is mod "one" "zero" zero" not 100 (One Hundred) like people have assumed in this thread.
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