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  1. Raise Hell - Hed PE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxSnMk403PM
  2. This is what's really great about this site... and forums in general i guess. You get to see what's inside of magazines without subscribing to them. Oh and thanks for posting this, it's really interesting.
  3. I was really expecting zombies on this one... surely they won't wait until Halloween for a zombie trailer? That's only 10 days before launch. For marketing purposes, I thought they should have released information on zombies before the launch of Medal of Honer to gain more customers and steal some from MoH.
  4. They were in the World War II ear for a long time, so it definitely wouldn't surprise me if there's a second one in the Cold War era. Really the only question would be if they keep the Black Ops name or if they title it something else.
  5. I can't believe people are even responding to this...
  6. Guys, stop making threads about what you want in black ops and start making it on what you want in their next installment of call of duty. Black Ops is finished, the rest is just marketing, touch-ups and producing/distributing the copies. They aren't taking requests anymore on what types of things you want to be in the game, and probably haven't been for the last few months.
  7. That would be awesome! The only thing i don't mind that people boost for in MW2 would be to get the dictator title (fire an entire LMG clip into the enemy without missing)... really infinity ward? 42 bullets with the most inaccurate weapon on the game without missing? That's the only thing i boosted for.
  8. I'm 10th level 70 legit. And I hate hackers because nobody believes me D:
  9. Is this a copy/paste out of wikipedia? If so, I wouldn't trust too much of it.
  10. Well, IF zombies return, it won't have to be unlocked by completing the campaign. When they made World at War at first, they had no idea how popular zombies was going to be so it made sense to then to make it an unlockable minigame. They changed that sometime inbetween map packs (I don't really remember when) so you could play it without having to unlock it.
  11. Keep in mind that Treyarch released almost all of their intel on Thursdays for World at War. I've got a feeling it will be mid-afternoon today when something happens.
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