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  1. What in the absolute god damn. I've-- Been summoned? Holy hell how long have I been out? Huh? Teleporters? Wha?
  2. Frankly I find the title 99% done 99% hogwash. I am suprised you can still stand with how hard you are patting yourself on the back. You are grossly overthinking a majority of your content, and yet somehow whenever anyone suggest a different viewpoint you discredit them with your "evidence." So... Yeah.
  3. Damn, has a year really already gone by on this thread? Oh well. My DJ skills are improving a HELL of a lot, and I am having fun exposing myself to new types of music!
  4. In getting ready for college I have been paying attention to a lot of DARPA's projects in the last few months. The extent of what they can do is amazing. We are talking cameras that take 1 petabyte photos, AIs that can control an entire combat zones, and robotics right out of a SciFi film. They are pretty much the closest thing we have to mad scientists on Earth. Given some time, I would love to help in following up on this post. (As I last stated, my school work has been kicking my ass recently. Looking into what I really want to do, SATs and all that.)
  5. Alright, so I rewrote my post, and now that it isn't 2am it actually came out good. I STRONGLY recommend reading through it again.
  6. Sorry I sorta disappeared. Again, my time is limited. However, I believe Tac did an adequate job of defending my position. The campaign for zombies is directly linked to the first story as proved by posts in the terminals linking zombies events to story events. Things differ, however, when the missiles strike. As to generally stating "spy stuff has been mentioned" and "it could be another Russian general"... Well, that seems like a bit of a cop-out of a refutation. What general then? What spy stuff? Enough evidence has been presented to draw the connection, and arguing it would be wildly ineffective. I can see where an overenthusiastic mind would begin to think that I am alluding to Dragovich somehow being connected to green run, and that is not what I am getting at. I just believe that this gives us a valid time and date. We proved that campaign, zombies, and multiplayer all connected in Black Ops. Multiplayer maps coincided with strike locations on Dragovich's map. The crates in Green Run coincide aswell. Surely you can all agree with me on that. If not, then I am assured in the fact that several of my fellow theorists support and back me up in my thinking on the matter.
  7. Actually, now that I look at the layout of Celerium in the campaign, several in-game models can be recycled to easily make a map such as this, in addition to some Hispanic character models.
  8. This might be worth posting here. Sorry I haven't been super active. Getting ready for end of the year and whatnot.
  9. All this said, I don't see him as part of the original crew, but I CAN see him involved in the story in some way. Perhaps he attempted to alert the Military Police in the facility about the effects of 115 and the zombies it was creating, but assuming him to be a "nerd" (a man of his intellegence would no doubt be mocked during that time) they locked him in the fallout shelter as a jerk. I could be wrong... I could be VERY wrong... Time will tell I suppose. XD
  10. ^I agree with ust about everything you stated. I must admit, if someone was expecting a direct sequal to Black Ops, it would be a little disappointing. It jumped a gap of several years and left us guessing towards the meanings of the messages in the terminal. Dispite this though, I found myself not really caring, as the new story was just so much more engadging.
  11. Welcome to the site! Always glad to see new member sign up! I can't wait to see you around the forums.
  12. Good idea, and it would line up with the story, but ultimately I think it would undermine the personalities and stories of some people's characters. If you choose to do that with your character (as I has sort of chosen to do with mine) than that is fine. I just feel like... I don't know, if EVERYONE is insane, than it quickly loses the effect. Don't let me discourage you from making a character all your own though! :D
  13. >shrugs Also, that moment when you are listing to Black Hole Sun and actually listen to the lyrics.

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