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  1. What in the absolute god damn. I've-- Been summoned? Holy hell how long have I been out? Huh? Teleporters? Wha?
  2. Frankly I find the title 99% done 99% hogwash. I am suprised you can still stand with how hard you are patting yourself on the back. You are grossly overthinking a majority of your content, and yet somehow whenever anyone suggest a different viewpoint you discredit them with your "evidence." So... Yeah.
  3. Damn, has a year really already gone by on this thread? Oh well. My DJ skills are improving a HELL of a lot, and I am having fun exposing myself to new types of music!
  4. Alright, so I rewrote my post, and now that it isn't 2am it actually came out good. I STRONGLY recommend reading through it again.
  5. Sorry I sorta disappeared. Again, my time is limited. However, I believe Tac did an adequate job of defending my position. The campaign for zombies is directly linked to the first story as proved by posts in the terminals linking zombies events to story events. Things differ, however, when the missiles strike. As to generally stating "spy stuff has been mentioned" and "it could be another Russian general"... Well, that seems like a bit of a cop-out of a refutation. What general then? What spy stuff? Enough evidence has been presented to draw the connection, and arguing it would be wildly ineffective. I can see where an overenthusiastic mind would begin to think that I am alluding to Dragovich somehow being connected to green run, and that is not what I am getting at. I just believe that this gives us a valid time and date. We proved that campaign, zombies, and multiplayer all connected in Black Ops. Multiplayer maps coincided with strike locations on Dragovich's map. The crates in Green Run coincide aswell. Surely you can all agree with me on that. If not, then I am assured in the fact that several of my fellow theorists support and back me up in my thinking on the matter.
  6. This might be worth posting here. Sorry I haven't been super active. Getting ready for end of the year and whatnot.
  7. I vote we restart a story from a point that would allow us to use the same characters if people choose to do so. I myself am rebuilding some characters right now!
  8. Frankly, I am just happy to be here. I know how it feels creating a thread all by your lonesome and how woefully inaccurate past theories can be. Hell, when I started posting back when Shi No Numa came out I was right in your shoes to be honest. (Although it can be argued that at the time there WAS no story aside from things invented by players until things were made fanon by Treyarch, so you can imagine how off some theories back then were.) I am all for fair and valid conversation on frontiers that are unexplored in the story, but nitpicking tends to get a little annoying for me after a while. Sorry that set me off for a bit there.
  9. Alright, sure, don't listen to any of us. I take solace in the fact that this entire thread is just forty pages of you constantly being refuted and being proven wrong.
  10. But in Nuketown 2025 we can tell one major location hit was the Nevada Test sight and Groom Lake. Perhaps his intent all along was to destory the final remaining locations conducting research with element 115 to stop the horrors of Group 935's technology.
  11. I beg to differ on the Gersch thing, the voice is clearly grainy and sterophonic, you can tell it is over the same PA that announces rocket protocalls. He also seems to communicate through the CCTV, I assume helping us by displaying the box and flashing images of the illuminati pyramid (probably as a method of communication to richtofen). And Mac, that part still conflicts me. That is chiefly what makes the choice between Maxis and Richtofen a difficult one. Indeed, I think Maxis was attempting to ruin Richtofen's plan by leaving him nothing to control. That is what makes him so hard to peg as a hero or villian now. The comment you just mentioned was cut in replace of manic laughter. No doubt he manipulated the four for his own gain.
  12. Not true, Gersch maintained contact with the original four via the facilites secrutiy systems. That said of course, I have little doubt that Maxis is an AI. Credits confirm it, and Maxis appears to have not aged since he was shot and killed at Griffin Station. As one could recall, he stored parts of himself in the Data Servants, much in the same way Reznov implanted himself into Masons head. After a certain amount of time however, he must have given up on trying to implant himself in the original four and instead formed his own interface. This interface seems to operate much in the same way as Mandeze's worm program, able to override control of any electrical equipment on earth.
  13. 1) Apologies for the repost, I suppose I was a bit late getting on the scene on this one. 2) Great thread you made there. I wish I could give you brains for it. 3) My mistake with the artists. But hey, I learned something new today! :D

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