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  1. Where are they at? I haven't even found them yet. I can noclip and take pictures if you want.
  2. Uploading a video now showing that nothing happens with the rocket... The video I'm uploading is after I turned the power on. Nothing happens when you mash the "use" key. I can upload a video of trying it before I turned on the power (While the interactive icon is there) if you want but nothing happens then either. v5hU-ExE0Mk There's no mention of a rocket... The pedastool is the meteor rocks, the "ports" are the pictures on the wall upstairs, and "alley" is the radio in the alley way.
  3. Don't worry, I can't wait to see your shop skills. Coincidentally you're the only person who's been to this said rooms. I know I'm not the only one who finds that funny. Besides, I already proved they don't exist. If the rooms did exist there would be more than 4 teleporters outside the map; which there isn't.
  4. Sams rooms are on the left, teleporter rooms are up top. Notice that there's only 4 of them.. There's only 4 rooms. Air Force room is in the top right and the Dentist room is in the bottom right. The main menu room / dining room don't exist.
  5. Sorry but is there any proof of the main menu room or the dining room being in Kino? I no clipped pretty much everywhere and there's no rooms like that outside of the map.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's been confirmed that "Five" is to be considered non-canon.
  7. It's just the stupid zombie monkey things. If you noclip up you can see them just floating randomly in the air.
  8. The rocket is on Kino. It's in one of the teleporter rooms.
  9. I have no idea. I tried pressing everything on my keyboard but nothing would activate it. After I switched on the power the symbol wouldn't show up anymore.
  10. Seeing as it seems to be impossible to embed it, here's the link to it at least.
  11. I'll start up the PC version and see if I can find it. Edit: Found it, rendering it and will be uploading soon. It's really short though.
  12. Figured I'd go through the Black Ops files and found this... Here's the mesh for the robot arm, And here's the rocket arm, What these are for or how you use them, I have no idea. If I find more stuff I'll post it. Here's some notes from the files, Here's Samantha's room Samantha's evil room Weird boxes under the Dentist room? Illuminati Symbol in the teleporter INTERACTIVE ROCKET? Richtofen's book? And here's some pictures showing numbers.. No idea what they mean. Sorry if the pictures are a bit big on your screen. I'll update this as I find more.
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