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  1. LINK Wait...Hell has perks? I've been living a lie...
  2. After the whole action figure game cutscene at the end of the Easter Egg in origins, a lot of the original story can be thrown away EXCEPT for one thing. I noticed after having finished the Easter egg and ended the game, that after watching the cutscene, I remembered a reference that could link this whole thing all the way back to Kino. The Easter egg suggests that this whole thing is an imaginary game being played by Samantha (which was referenced in Kino during time in Samantha's room, and the action figures on the chess board) and her best friend Edward in what would be real world Germany during world war two. This would explain the wacky timeline due to the sheer extent of which children's imaginations can openly create and turn upside down their stories and games. What I can imagine is that the reason everything is changing constantly is because in the real world, the children are simply switching turns at who gets to be in control; This fits considering during the cutscene, they argue over who's turn it is. What I can reason is that during the maps that Sam was controlling the zombies, like Kino, The first half of moon, and even a short time in Nuketown; This was Samantha's turn in the real world. During the wacky maps like Tranzit, Buried, MOTD, and Die Rise; This was Edwards turn, and this would explain why the characters in Edwards world, even though sometimes not directly connected, had memories of Samantha's world. Now unfortunately this would mean that all of our scheming and planning to the wacky storyline is now irrelevant, but this offers us a new chance: At the end of the cutscene, the children talk about how they wish their heroes were real, and Samantha gives a line that officially got my head spinning: "Don't worry, daddy has a plan." After which they take off for the bomb shelter due to the incoming air raid signaled by sirens. What could this mean? Does this mean Maxis has a plan to bring the characters from their game into real life? This is a theory we should all be discussing.
  3. Was anyone else kind of disappointed in Origins when they first played it? If so, how come?
  4. Now this depends very much on what you're going for in a game, especially if you want everyone to run a differing role in gameplay. For me, the only really important perks were Speed-Cola, Quick Revive, and Juggernog. Instead of giving just a simple "Here's my order", I'm going to go more into detail on my opinions, and since I'm more of a classic guy myself, I'm going with the original four perks. Quick-Revive: Setting aside the fact that this should be immediately bought in solo, for obvious reasons; Quick revive is a very handy perk to have when playing with your friends, especially in high round situations. When you have several hundred zombies on your tail and your buddy gets cluster-f**ked, you really don't want to have to sit there for what seems like hours trying to pick him back up. Quick revive makes it relatively easy for you to be able to help a fallen friend if the need should arise. Now I would still suggest holding it off until you've gotten Juggernog and Speed-Cola, but on high rounds, quick revive should be a cautionary must. Double-Tap: Opinions on this perk vary depending on who you ask, but my opinion: Just avoid it if possible. Honestly to me it just seems very counter-productive. All it does is increase your bullet output to make just about every weapon in your hand a Minigun. In short, unless you've got a robotically programmed trigger finger, you're going to be wasting a LOT of ammunition; It's going to end up costing WAY more than it's worth when it comes to the purchase of munitions. [Footnote]: The new fixed version of double tap increases both your weapons damage output and rate of fire, giving you a give or take option. If you want the extra power, and can deal with the cost of more frequently buying ammunition, then go for it, but preferably after you've acquired juggernog and Speed-Cola. Speed-Cola: Unless you're younger than ten, you won't pass by the obvious benefits of this perk, cause in that situation where you're surrounded, and you need to reload without wasting extra time, this perk makes the difference. A speedy reload is an effective reload, why do you think our real life soldiers practice reloading so much? In my opinion though, if you must, this can wait till after Juggernaut. I would suggest though, saving up so you can get both at the same time. Juggernog: One word, BUY. If you don't think Juggernog is useful, no offense, you're ignorant in some way or another. A lot of people will argue that the two hit kill sucks, some will say it's fair, but every zombies player knows that if you can increase your health in game with ANYTHING, do it (unless you're a Japanese prodigy who can somehow by the grace of God survive without it). Juggernog was Activision's way of appeasing the health haters. It will make the overall difference of whether or not you'll achieve high rounds or not. As far as importance, Juggernog should be your top priority, cause when you accidentally get cornered and need those few extra survivable hits to escape, you'll be thanking God you had the Jugg on your side. Sent from my KFTT using Tapatalk
  5. Am I the only one who didn't think the Xbox One was that great? I personally think Tranzit could have had more variety. The wonder weapon wasn't great, most of the gameplay was really repetitive (which can be expected but it could have been reduced at least a little), and I think there was a lot of little things that would've made it much better. The Easter Egg being one that I agree with. I like the idea of getting a special award or something for completing an Easter egg. I mean, you go through all that work, especially when you're hunting for it in the first place; You deserve some sort of compensation for the time you so enthusiastically put into it. It's only fair. Doing all that for nothing but a basic pat on the back just seems very counter productive. Something else that I think could've been way cooler than it ended up was the whole Bus idea. Sure it was already new and cool in its own ways, but it could've been doctored up and spiced much better than it was. I think it would have been cool to have some sort of purchaseable auto-turrets or exterior traps built into the bus, it would've been helpful for those times when you're on like round 70, trying to flee the area, on your last few magazines, and they're basically overturning the bus. There's a lot that could've been improved.
  6. I remember Strwrs! Congrats to him! Obviously a lot has changed. And good ole Covy, I understand religious matters. Anyways thanks for the welcome back! Can't wait to get back into the swing of things!
  7. This may be slightly irrelevant, But since I haven't seen any other parts about this yet, Can I just point out, why the hell would he even their a grenade in a situation like that anyway? I mean, if he's pro, then he probably knew that repeating grenades shows you down, holding you from sprinting. Basically it'd be counter productive. Anyways, yeah, are there any other alternatives cause I definitely can't trust this anymore. Sent from my KFTT using Tapatalk
  8. Back in the day people used to call me Fisheh, and knew me as the member fisher10190. I don't think I've browsed this site since Shangri La was released for black ops! I guess I kind of faded and got busy. Then when I finally remembered everything, it had already been years. In the old days I talked to MrRoflWaffles a lot, I believe I even got the pleasure of speaking to Carbon once, if they still go by those names. Anyways, I'm glad to be back, I hope there are still some of the old guys who'll remember me. As for you fresh meat, nice to make your acquaintance. ~ Fisheh Sent from my KFTT using Tapatalk
  9. Welcome to the forums fishehthealmighty :)

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