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  1. Hazard does feel like it's a bit more open in areas. I've returned?!?!
  2. From what I've heard, the servers aren't up and running right now. All anyone can play right now is SP or local split-screen.
  3. No need for you to be sorry. Back on topic, though. You'd probably have a pretty hard time getting it early just due to the fact that the Gamestop employee probably wouldn't believe you (kinda like me at first :oops: ).
  4. Alright, who voted "I am a Mod"? Gotta agree with JeepChick. A pure game is so much better than knowing EVERYTHING about it.
  5. You say using a "Story". Meaning.. what? If you think I didn't have to go through a whole years-worth of Chemotherapy and getting most of my leg chopped off and replaced with a Metal and Plastic rod, then you're the one who's ignorant. Yeah, I read on DigitalWarfare24/7 yesterday that Black Ops isn't even Gold yet, so I'm sorry I had no idea before. I'll edit the OP saying that Black Ops isn't even Gold yet and by no means could anyone have it yet except for the company in charge of the pressings, as you stated. Well, the way I read it at first, it sounded like you were coming up with a story to get the game early. Now that I've seen your reply and noticed your sig, I sincerely apologize. It's definitely unfortunate that you had to endure all of that. Again, my mistake and apologies.
  6. First off, using a story like that just to get a game early is pretty ignorant. Wait the extra week and get it legit. Yes, I said extra week. Retailers don't get the games in as early as alot of people think. Black Ops is actually just getting pressed right now (according to my sources). Treyarch doesn't even have them yet. As far as the videos of the disc/game being loaded in to the tray and started, that's a result of the company in charge of the pressings.
  7. Demon gets my support. He's been here awhile and definitely helps out the site. He may not meet the age preference, but he's shown he has the maturity. On a side note, I don't get reports anymore. Is there a reason for that?
  8. Was that a necessary reply? I should just go ahead an delete that post, but I'll let carbon decide what to do. Future reference, I suggest making your posts/replies on-topic.
  9. I know. People were looking for others that were also. I was going to, but have decided not to.
  10. I'm actually going to direct anybody to follow WeTheGamerz or WTG_Vosty3. He'll be streaming the event. I'm not sure how much battery my phone will have left during the event as I'll be using it moderately throughout the day.
  11. Rarely use it, so I'll have to get back to you. Or just follow my Twitter. It'll update when I start streaming.
  12. Also WTG_Vosty (WeTheGamerz) should be streaming.
  13. I should also be streaming from the event as well.
  14. 2 things... -That's single player footage. Might not be in MP (but probably will) -I think you mean "limb dismemberment" ;)
  15. Its in LA. I would guess that it starts around 8. The first footage will probably come in by around 10. All these times are CST. The MW2 one was around that time if i remember correctly. Correct. LA. 6 Pacific, 8 Central, 9 Eastern. Oh, and carbon.... Could you ask if they are considering releasing Zombies on Android? Wait....I'll just ask them myself. :lol:
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