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    Ever since CoD's "split" between Infinity Ward and Treyarch, most of the fanbase community seemed to have sided behind Treyarch. For some reason, liking one automatically means disliking or even hating the other one: Infinity Ward seems to be in an everlasting drowning state, drowning in the hate. I remember the trailer of Infinite Warfare being one of the most disliked Youtube videos. Ever. Before launch, that game already had no change of succeeding. Sledgehammer joined the CoD developers in 2014, being introduced to the fans with their first game: Advanced Warfare. Though it introduced exosuits, an item that would inspire the other developer studios in later games, the game, among with its creator was found to be neutral. Slightly negative maybe. As the newbie, Sledgehammer was never really accepted in the CoD family. Admitted, Treyarch's older creations are fantastic: I absolutely love the Campaign and Multiplayer of World at War and Black Ops. On top of that, they introduced our beloved Zombies Mode. But ever since they threw theirselves in the futuristic theme, I can't find myself to enjoy their games anymore. Possibly due to their early creations, the fans mostly adore Treyarch, sadly meaning that the other studios are looked down upon. While Infinite Warfare's MP might have been a bit Tom & Jerry-ish, I actually really enjoyed it. Not to speak of the Campaign and Zombies mode. Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that it really was its own thing. Unique. I truly hope the Treyarch/CoD fanbase, as this mostly is the same, will give IW's next installment a genuine chance. Sledgehammers latest game, WWII, is a game I absolutely love. Considering the Campaign, okay, I first wasn't so positive about it. But recently continuing it, I found quite some missions really unique in it's way (for example, S.O.E. and Liberation), not being the usual 'shoot everything and advance' thing. WWII's MP is the only MP ever I really want to play as long as I can. In the early days, I even found myself hooked on it, which never happened before. My opinion of the Nazi Zombies mode is that it is the most underrated zombie mode ever. The gameplay is almost like Outlast and CoD had a baby. The story is just everything I wish Treyarch would do: Based on real events, not too much fantasy/unreal things and including enough empty space for the theorists to theorize about: Not about how the story continues, but rather about what already happened. Now concerning Treyarch... **cracks knuckles** Why is it that it seems that Treyarch is all the CoD fanbase cares about? Okay, people don't only like them: When Youtube and Reddit folks say something bad about Treyarch, humankind, a herd as we are, all follow them saying we have the same opinions. But it is still all about Treyarch's games, like they are the popular kid in the class. Why? I really wish people could set theirselves off of Youtubers and other community folks concerning their opinion. Playing Devil's Advocate. Go against the flow and give Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer a chance, without their opinions being manipulated by the internet. You'll see, you might enjoy their games as well
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    I got a lot further than I expected. But I still don't know where the shield parts are and how to pap. Reading through the guide I noticed, it would help to have pictures. But still thanks for putting this together. I remember Superhands back in the day always did guides and also posted pictures for reference. Great job Still.

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