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    So just a couple of thoughts for Mr. Blundell and his team (I haven't made any progress on this, or even ever built the WW for that matter) I am really psyched that the game has been out a month and not everything has been solved. That kind of longevity is fun and exciting. Props to them for making things so cryptic and difficult. HOWEVER. This kind of complexity of puzzles should be reserved for a multi-step optional side quest only. Not to perform a crucial in game mechanic like upgrading a gun. I blame this on the popularity of the staves in Origins. Its like they felt they had to top that in terms of upgrading complexity. So for the DLC maps, if you have any heart at all, please make the core game mechanics simpler to achieve so that non EE hunters can just play a game of zombies, but also please continue to include this level of complexity for the main EE side quest rant over
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    This happens (360) with the HVK-30. At least it did last night. First time that I've seen it.
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    Found this playing outside of the map in theater mode. Couldn't find it on here, or in your ciphers. Looks cropped at the top poorly, like the lettering in the hanged man room, so it could be nothing. It's on a window near the power switch, in the area under the bears location during the fly trap.
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    Would love to see gameplay of this. You saying possible steps are kills at PAP - audio cue kills at ritual room AND portal - audio cue trace in apothicon servant pap xm 53 shoot statue where u got kills at coins fly from it things to try after this- smash with margwas now that it's weakened maybe it will drop an item to rebuild the upgraded version? possibly repeat steps at other districts. Of course this theory may disprove the purple pack a punch theory, I'll guess we'll wait and see
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    You have to throw Widows Wine Bombs in the Lions mouths. Once you've done all 4, one of the Lions has a White gumball in its mouth. Grab the gumball and place it on a White plate in the candy store window. After a round or two, it'll be bigger & be a Free Mega Gobblegum. Also, I'm not positive but I feel as if we're going to have to build another Apothicon Servant using a different Margwa Heart. Basically combining the Two, thus giving it the Two names.

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