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    So just a couple of thoughts for Mr. Blundell and his team (I haven't made any progress on this, or even ever built the WW for that matter) I am really psyched that the game has been out a month and not everything has been solved. That kind of longevity is fun and exciting. Props to them for making things so cryptic and difficult. HOWEVER. This kind of complexity of puzzles should be reserved for a multi-step optional side quest only. Not to perform a crucial in game mechanic like upgrading a gun. I blame this on the popularity of the staves in Origins. Its like they felt they had to top that in terms of upgrading complexity. So for the DLC maps, if you have any heart at all, please make the core game mechanics simpler to achieve so that non EE hunters can just play a game of zombies, but also please continue to include this level of complexity for the main EE side quest rant over
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    Just thought it should be noted, but it seems as if when you have the margwa mask, you can not interact with items. Example: the motd laundry note, free mega gobblegum, and even the parts for the burlesque easter egg song "cold hard cash" either this is a glitch that needs fixed or there is something we are to do with the margwa heads to be able to regain interactions with said objects. Figured I would give other players a heads up so they make sure they can get their margwa masks last so they don't interfere with other easter eggs.
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    I think we just need to focus on what the goal is of the last step. Its to kill the humongous octopus. You really think the Solo game ends with that thing remaining over the city?? I just don't buy it. There is probably a different way for solo players to kill it, its just we are tunnel visioned on shocking the trains etc..
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    This happens (360) with the HVK-30. At least it did last night. First time that I've seen it.
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    Welcome to the site and enjoy your stay. If you have any questions be sure to ask them. :3
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    Whats up people I'm new here and just wanted to share my love of zombies with a community of zombie lovers. Stay blessed everyone.Peace!
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    Greetings all! Being a recent convert to the PS4 I found myself browsing the features available to me and was drawn towards communities. Now it was mentioned a little while back that we ought to have a community for this website. I myself do not have the authority to make that a reality, but I have made several communities to serve the purpose for any PS4 users who wish to use them until an official community can be set up. The communities can be found through my profile, MegaAfroMan, on PSN. They are all under the primary title of CoD Zombies with specific community pages for the three maps and a general page. Feel free to search it up and join or to ignore it entirely. Either way, have a swell day CoDZ!
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    Hey all, just thought I'd make a central hub thread for all the Diary entries as they all come along! It'll be exciting to see what we discover. Maxis Diary: Entry 11 NOTES: Default letter that was without any DLC (TranZit), not including Nuketown. Maxis Diary: Entry 10 NOTES: 2nd Entry released in Resolution DLC patch (Die Rise). Al's Journal NOTES: 3rd Entry released in Uprising DLC patch (Mob of the Dead). Maxis Diary: Entry 17 NOTES: 4th Entry released in Vengeance DLC patch (Buried). Doctor Richtofen's Journal: Final Entry NOTES: 5th Entry released in Apocalypse DLC patch (Origins).
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    Found this playing outside of the map in theater mode. Couldn't find it on here, or in your ciphers. Looks cropped at the top poorly, like the lettering in the hanged man room, so it could be nothing. It's on a window near the power switch, in the area under the bears location during the fly trap.
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    Would love to see gameplay of this. You saying possible steps are kills at PAP - audio cue kills at ritual room AND portal - audio cue trace in apothicon servant pap xm 53 shoot statue where u got kills at coins fly from it things to try after this- smash with margwas now that it's weakened maybe it will drop an item to rebuild the upgraded version? possibly repeat steps at other districts. Of course this theory may disprove the purple pack a punch theory, I'll guess we'll wait and see
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    At first I was mad about the E.E. but now that its a few days shy of being a month old. Yet we still haven't even figured out how to 'Upgrade" the Apothicon Servant. Must loan how to get the Alternate Version. I'm almost positive once you've captured the Shadow Man that's not the end. They've put so much in this map. Honestly I believe this is Treyarchs finest hour, a Masterpiece. We didn't even know about the Bouncing Betties or the Goddard Apparatus when we completed Solo side.
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    You have to throw Widows Wine Bombs in the Lions mouths. Once you've done all 4, one of the Lions has a White gumball in its mouth. Grab the gumball and place it on a White plate in the candy store window. After a round or two, it'll be bigger & be a Free Mega Gobblegum. Also, I'm not positive but I feel as if we're going to have to build another Apothicon Servant using a different Margwa Heart. Basically combining the Two, thus giving it the Two names.
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    My main reason I hate this direction for the story is because so many details from past maps no longer matter. Like the Berlin Wall and Tower outside the map on Kino that some members used to pinpoint the map's date between 1961 and 1969. That's a great find. But now, its like that stuff doesn't matter because Kino could take place in a universe where that stuff was all built in the 40s. So its frustrating that these maps give so little info to go on, but now we are given the problem of not knowing which universe/timeline these maps take place. So the little bits of info become useless without a bigger piece of info telling us what counts and what doesn't. One could say that Shin No and Der Riese occurred in a different timelines that were very similar but still had differences, and that's why some of the details seem to have trouble adding up. And if that is indeed the case, then it makes the story we crafted through the years almost useless. So now, the actual maps themselves seem less important to discuss and all we have to go on are the actual characters we are thinking to be the important ones. Does Moon Sam even matter or will the Giant Sam become important. Or are we ignoring all German versions of her in favor of the young American versions of Sam and Eddie who are the important "children". None of this may be the case. We still might have a simpler story going on with limited versions of the characters and all previous BO2 maps probably have been in the same timeline. But like the BO2 ending which suggests its all a kids game, this multiverse scenario makes it hard to care about the details of the story like we did with the old games, knowing Treyarch is playing with the idea those details don't matter to the overall story. They pretty much took the puzzle pieces we've been working on and told us they all might go to different puzzles. I'm hoping we're still get clarity on some of this and it would be cool if we started to see which puzzles these pieces went to, like if we could find out that this new Giant timeline is the same as CotD through some hidden detail. It just sucks to discuss these things now since everything has become disconnected.
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    Haha. That's awesome. "We're going to cross to Billy down on the ground" "Are you calm Billy?" "What about Billy? I don't know any Billy, never known a Billy my whole life" Thats a cool video. Laughed the whole time.
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    I don't think the giant, SOE/origins could be on the same timeline.... Think about it, richtofen is in the giant both as crazy WAW richtofen and young richtofen, which is cool and all but it basically proves it's another universe. If it was the same universe, then richtofen just killed himself, and would always know he's killed himself, and thus wouldn't become crazy richtofen, whom he would then not be able to kill. It's a paradox unless you consider that he is killing a diffrent richtofen from a similar timeline. Also maxis explains that this site was shut down years ago (back after origins) and also multidiminsionality. Soe/origins is my own personal theory. In the origins universe samantha appears and takes control of the moon pyramid device (MPD), likewise, this causes issues as there's already a MPD here. She somewhat stops the signal from being used. Ruining it's plan to abduct richtofen years later in 1941. (Which was stopped anyways when richtofen entered the portal in origins.) Richtofen would then go on to not build griffenstation, which is why we have that altered moon loading screen picture in that trailer they gave us. Instead the germans fell after origins, leaving the french and americans the ability to reverse-engineer the technology from the germans. The result? Morg city. Set in 1945, but it has technology far more advanced then what it was. Massive train transit systems, robotic police enforcers, collapsible stairways and Dr. Monty's Gobble Gums. None of this previously possible in an average city. The moon pyramid device then decided to activate phase two. With samantha gone quiet at the reins of the main controller, one of the receiving relays would be hijacked by a nearby universe: The world of the shadowman. Margs with a long history of attempting to break the seal left by the vrill on the door to let in legions of their kind upon the world. There were two components to this: The ball artifact device, otherwise known as the summoning key, and sacrifices. Knowing the four sinners could be provoked to kill, the shadowmen (beings from the squid-side) use their advanced technology to awaken the 115 embedded in all the advanced technology (which you remember was brought about from the machinations of the origins robots which as well ran off of 115). Sparing the lives of the sinners by linking them with the abilities of their marg-counterparts. The 'beastmode" we see is actually 115 being infused to gain the body of the marg-version of Nero, Jessica, Floyd, and Jack. This was intended to be used to activate the ritual. With the rest of the city in shambles, it was up to these 4 to find hope. Which they found in the shadowman. Tricking the 4 into killing once again with the summoning stone, the relay was then used to allow the siege of the universe to come through. The margs began to seep out, despite the wraith-like vrill guardians attempting to stop them. With the help of the sinners, the wraiths manage to then combat the margs, sending them back to their own universe by using the summoning stone. From here, richtofen appears again and take the stone with him to "The Giant". Basically that's my thinking for why I think the origins universe is the same as SOE's.
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    Its possible for The Giant and Origins to be in the same timeline but unlikely (In my own super genius opinion which means nothing). It would require a lot of extra things a few members on here theorized about before BO3's release. Like how Maxis seems to still be alive and have a daughter before The Giant, even though we last saw him as a brain inside a drone in Origins. This could be explained by we never see his body so he might be a in a robot still, or maybe a body transplant. Who knows since the possibility is always there, but it makes for a harder case to sell. Same with Origins Richtofen and Giant Richtofen. They seem like two completely different people, not to mention even if young Richtofen time traveled forward, wouldn't older Richtofen have memories of this if they are in the same timeline. Again, this could all be explained away by how people perceive time travel, but like Maxis' body being dead in Origins, it makes it the harder option over The Giant is just in a different timeline. Especially since we are now told that's a part of the story now. My own opinion on it, is to show how these alternate universes are infinitely different yet can still be very much the same. Der Riese had the Giant project, while Origins had actual Giant robots in WW1, and yet The Giant seems to have the robots in WWII. If they had the robots in WW1 and lost, why waste time rebuilding the same robots, especially when the world would have 20+ years to make improvements. Group 935 would be beyond that kind of research and technology by 1945 if that's what they were doing in 1918.
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    What sucks about the direction of the new story line is discussing these details seems so irrelevant now, which is a shame because it used to be one of the fun aspects of digging into these maps. Everything mattered. Since now we know that there are multiple dimensions and multiple versions of the universe, this map could simply just be in a different realm/dimension/universe. Meaning, the original Der Riese was in one universe, Origins was in another, and now The Giant is in a third. The events of Origins most likely wouldn't have happened before Der Riese, and clearly the Richtofen in The Giant is different from the Origins one. So details on each map probably don't really connect to each other directly. At least that's the scenario these two new maps are painting for us. I think that's why we haven't seen to much discussion about the details in the maps. Other than the radios, its hard to say what will and won't tie into other maps or the main story.
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    All the characters dialogue changes to regular dialogue after round 3 I'm pretty positive getting zombie blood round 1 and finding the Intel in the first step the gobble gum machines are both on and there's a chain of events that have to be set into place and I think that's the first event and the teleporter room they are in, in the trailer is not A,B, or C in the giant map

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