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Spawning the Purple Apothicons

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Reading up on r/CODZombies this morning, found this particular post by u/TheEmptyJuiceBox:




Very interesting to see that there's a confirmable way to spawn purple enemies. For a long time, we thought it was random but only available after the Easter Egg was completed, and even then, it was only with the Margwas. But now that it's been extended, want to see what everyone else thinks of this.


There has also been rumors lately regarding new finds on Shadows of Evil, including unused assets and a duplicate Apothicon Servant [each] part using a mod menu. About a week ago, the map files were also leaked and the cocoon models that would've create a quest for the upgraded AS were available.

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We know purple stands for Apothicans and the Dark Aether. I have wondered before why Margwa's spawn is purple, while the Parasite spawns are yellow, like the eye colours. I self have some theories about the spawning itself.

A) A piece of antimatter (negative matter) from the Dark Aether gets in contact with matter in our 3D world, and creates an explosion, creates a temporary portal for Apothican beings (such as Parasites and Margwa's) to come to our world.


B) Some higher being (perhaps the Shadowman) built these Apothican beings from atoms in our world. This is why you see all those particles gathering (like an implosion) before a creature spawns.


So is the Parasite spawn now purple too? Or only the Parasites self? Anyway, very interesting this. Of course, the steps to this yet unfound Easter egg in SoE are great, but I am more interested in the story behind it. Purple stands for Apothican control (I think): What controlled the Parasites previously, when they had yellow eyes? And in Revelations, they are red, like the eye colour of the zombies

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I also posted this on CODzombies on reddit.


When I was in beast mode in the footlight district I managed to get on top of a roof. Basically I was in a hurry when I opened up the statue and then the rift door. When I went to connect to the hook so I could open the gate to the upstairs, I got on top of the roof.


I don't know what to look for up there, but I was 100% able to get on top of the roof. Maybe it leads to something more?


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