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Search & Destroy: The Guide

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InfestLithium    520

If you aren't familiar with the ever-so-popular mode, Search & Destroy is a cornerstone of the Call of Duty Multiplayer franchise. The simple game of "plant or defend the bomb" never gets old to us FPS gamers. The rules are basic: each team must successfully detonate or secure the bomb four times in a match to win. There is only one catch: each player only has one life per round. To some, this makes an easy wipeout session. For others, it's an adrenaline rush to clear the objective as quickly as possible. In this guide, we'll go over the ins and outs to becoming a successful S&D expert.


The Basics


S&D is a pivotal mode where you have a short time span to plant the bomb in two marked locations, or prevent it from being set. Because everyone only has one life per round, what you do with your life counts just as much as completing your objective. There are two teams that play in this mode: the offense and the defense.


The offense is situated with the planting of the bomb at either site A or B. Whether one chooses to plant at either site doesn't matter until the bomb is set. Once it has been planted, the offense is then responsible for defending the bomb until it explodes. If the entire offense is wiped out prior to detonation, the defense has a chance to defuse the bomb and claim the victory. On the flip side, if the offense takes out the entire defense at any point during the match, the offensive team automatically gains the win.


The defense is responsible for preventing the opposing team from planting whatsoever. Things may get tricky, because the defense must play a coverage formation as to keep all eyes on both locations. If the offense manages to plant the bomb, the defense must defuse the bomb before time expires, even if the offense has been cleared out. Likewise, the defensive team may be victorious should they kill off all the offense players before the bomb is planted.


Knowing Your Surroundings


Before you thrust yourself into the world of S&D, you should familiarize yourself with each map and the playability of it. Below is a list that details every map and useful information:


Aftermath - A large, clustered map that keeps A and B on its sides. Due to the tight corners and dark pathways it offers, an AR class is suitable for this map. Booby traps such as shock chargers, claymores, and bouncing betties can be expected to cover the surfaces of the bomb locations.


Cargo - An expansive, horizontally-designed map that utilizes large cargo freights at advantage points for snipers. A and B are marked between the cargo crates. Be very aware of opposing players sitting far away with snipers or LMGs.


Carrier - A medium-sized and broadened map with debris placed all throughout the map. A very popular map for trickshoters, and regular snipers as well. A and B are marked on the sides of the map, one being out in the open but difficult to defend alone and the other sitting below a plane dock where the shadows will make great cover. Prepare yourself with explosives (and prepare to have Flak Jacket as well).


Drone - A well-sized map with large structures obstructing your vision in seeing the other side of the map. Both bombs are placed inside various areas; one is located in a small tunnel with only two openings and the other at the foot of a mechanic station. Snipers are fairly common here, but be wary of those running around with shotguns and rapid-fire SMGs. It's suggested to keep Lightweight as a perk choice, followed by a potential C4 to clear heavily-guarded areas.


Express - A fairly sizeable map that has various climbable obstacles wherever you go. A beautiful haven for trickshoters. One bomb sits between an open building and a train while the other is within the main rail station itself. Both locations are very open and susceptible to open fire. An SMG or AR is recommended for this map, with also a few tactical grenades to slow the enemy team. The inside of the train makes for great transport but expect for a potential enemy to come in through one of the doors. Snipers tend to sit at the end of the maps, up above the walkways.


Hijacked - A small map that provides insanity for those not ready to face shotgun or SMG players. The bombs can be found right out in the middle of the map near the foot of one of the housing areas, and the other in the back room of said housing. Booby traps will definitely slow down the competition.


Meltdown - A decent map that involves various hiding spots. One bomb is stowed inside a power plant while the other neighbors some gas tanks. While ARs are prevalent in this map, LMGs may also be used occasionally as well. Expect many booby traps to surround the bombs. Beware of those running through the sides of the map near the small buildings.


Overflow - A mediocre map with a winding middle path. One bomb is set directly in the middle of the map where as the other can be found off to the side between some small alleyways. This maps offers a heavenly view on all points, so lookout for snipers in any of the building windows. An AR class is suggested as well as a good number of tactical grenades. The bomb that sits in the alleyway is a major hotspot and can be expected to be heavily guarded by the enemy hiding behind the small structures.


Plaza - A small and dark map that houses may hiding spots. Players wielding shotguns and SMGs can be found on this map, also holding onto the Lightweight perk. An occasional C4 will be randomly throw down the middle so be wary of what path you choose at the beginning of the round. One bomb is set between some plants and a small side building, while the other bomb sits in a club room with three potential access points. The latter is a heavy site for planting and should be watched at all times. Prepare for lots of explosions and shock chargers.


Raid - Despite being a fairly small map, the several pathways throughout the map make it very volatile. The bomb that sits on the side with an overhanging building, pool and bar is home to several trickshoters. The other bomb is set in the courtyard, which mainly holds those with ARs and LMGs within the small rooms of buildings sitting across the bomb. You could easily bypass this with a Lightweight class and an SMG to prevent destruction from happening.


Slums - A small courtyard map that hold the bombs fairly close to another. Severe camping causes this map to be ridden with SMG-artists and Target Finder professionals. One bomb sits right outside a small building on the site with three entry points, while the other is snug behind a small wall with two long access points. A quick trigger finger and fast class is necessary to rid potential shotgunners.


Standoff - A medium-sized map that includes several side buildings, optimal for sniping. Because these buildings contain upper floors, expect to find many LMG freaks with Target Finders just itching to come across a poor sapp. One bomb can be found just near a van in front of a two-story building, and the other outside a few walls near a tractor. Both are explosive-heavy areas. It's recommended to have Flak Jacket with an optimal secondary ready for clearing out corner-campers.


Turbine - A large and desolated map whose vertically is disproportional to any other map. The long, fallen plane is a hotspot for trickshoters and regular snipers. Both bombs sit on different sides of the map, one in between some rock walls near the control room and another at the foot of the larger control building. An AR or LMG is necessary to clear out foes in the beginning of the match, but varies if you prefer medium or close combat. Hug the rocks leading to the fallen plane and snug yourself in the bushes.


Yemen - A sizable map that users high advantage points in buildings to keep opponents at bay. Small pathways lead to open areas where you can use an AR to take out the opposition. One bomb is in the open near the fountain, and the other bomb can be found close to the middle of the map. Because both are hard to defend in one particular area, the marked locations may be booby trapped with explosives. Keep Flak Jacket as a potential perk alongside a fairly decent lethal grenade of your own. Be wary of room campers that overlook the bombs. 


DLC Maps (Coming Soon)


What Makes a Good S&D Player


While each teammate is essential in claiming victory, there are different classifications that are unknown to most people. The four classes are: gunner, scout, raider, defender. Most players do not classify themselves in said groups, but once you acknowledge them, you will understand what kind of position you mostly play as and how it can affect the entire outcome of the match.


Gunners are essentially the rushing force of the team. They have two objectives on their minds: kill as many of the opposing team as possible before they know what hits them, and to plant/defuse the bomb immediately. A gunner will probably have the following class setup:


- Lightweight

- Fast Hands

- Extreme Conditioning/Dexterity

- an SMG with Grip attachment/Shotgun

- a secondary (Tac/KAP 40)


Scouts go across the map, hunting down anyone who dares to stay behind. They play no real objective other than eliminating the enemy team; however, they aren't exactly the first to rush, especially on a map filled with several camping locations. A scout's class setup differs from person to person, but generally follows the same format:


- Lightweight/Ghost

- Fast Hands

- Engineer

- an SMG or AR with a supressor

- a secondary pistol (often a B23R)


Raiders act as the main forces of the team. They don't believe in instantly attacking the field, but they aren't afraid to dig into the fight. They hold back into a specific spot on the map and maintain their focus on areas the enemy might rush into whilst moving. In fact, raiders often plant/defuse the bomb once an area has been held down. A raider holds no unique class setup, but can often be seen using some kind of AR and several lethal/tactical grenades. A sample setup may be the following:


- Flak Jacket/Ghost

- any 2nd perk slot

- Dexterity


- shock charges/bouncing betties


Defenders are exactly what they're named for: defending the perimeter. Some may call them campers, but more than often, they can be found resting their sights directly on the bombs themselves. Despite their infamous reputation, they hold a vital key to ensuring the enemy team cannot complete their objective without being picked off in the process. A defender doesn't move often; rather, they prefer the comfort of being with their team and watch the area as openly as possible. Their classes usually consist of:


- Ghost/Hardline

- any 2nd perk slot

- Awareness

- AR/LMG/Sniper

- any secondary pistol


How You Play Is Key


As much as I could tell you the information on how to set yourself up as an aware, knowledgeable S&D professional, your playing tactics will determine how well you perform in a match. For example, I personally prefer being quick on the trigger if I plan on staying alive. Additionally, I rely heavily on my high sensitivity and quick responses to taking down an enemy. This forces me to choose weapons that are easy to handle (SMGs) with the Quickdraw attachment and a Suppressor to not only stay quiet on the radar, but to assist in rapid fire (yes, suppressor attachments condense every shot and propels each bullet slightly faster per trigger hit).


If quick reflexes are your thing as well, invest in classes that allow you to play in that style. If you are good at concentrating and knowing where an enemy will come through based on human instinct, prepare yourself in that manner. Ultimately, your unique style of playing is what will gain you favor in victorious matches. Don't be afraid to train in Combat Training or Custom Games with bots.

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Zetha    1

A bit too late, but may come in handy for some people around here. I like the idea of guide and that you don't focus on one idea, but show the most commons and importants. I find myself between the raider and the scout, depending on the situation and map, and I'm one of these guys that most people hate, the "slicers" (ballistic knife and tomahawks all day).

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Lenne    415

S&D is the second best game mode in the franchise.


I loved playing it on cod4 and mw2.


Nothing beats S&D on Crash, Crossfire, District, Strike and Vacant.


Am I right, @Slade


Nice thread, Infest. :) 

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Undead    59

Orrrrrrr you could just troll with a shotgun and rush it each round and hope for the best.


You're guarenteed to either have a really shitty game. Or get behind everyone and take out most if not all of the other team.

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Zetha    1

Grab an riot shield, RPG, combat axe and fast hands, and be happy with kids raging over you.

Mainly, just don't be an tryhard, we thank you.

Edited by Zetha

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Matuzz    218

I really didn't play anything but SnD on BO2 and ton of SnD back in Blops. It's the pinnacle of game modes in CoD. Mostlu because you don't need to deal with:

A. Stupid Spawns.

B. Getting killed by same streak over and over again.

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