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  1. anonymous

    Ultimis in the Pentagon

    I see your point, yet I think Blundell will further leave the old story for what it is. Your "FIVE" chapters don't need to change and you can easily continue Ultimis' story after Kino with the new Five part. And otherwise you can always continue with the Tales of the Multiverse stories such as Honor's Suffering. I guess those won't be affected by Blundell's new story (changes). Respect for what you are doing!
  2. anonymous

    Ultimis in the Pentagon

    I am currently working on a theory, but I felt this one had priority. It's no theory, just a quick thought about something recent. So excuse me for the bad quality, time and quality are not really the things that can be associated with this quick post. Anyway. You might've heard about the Five remake trend. It's still not sure if the upcoming map will be Five, but change is high and Blundell recently revealed something interesting about this mysterious map. He said the map was going to cover the old Ultimis crew, but that it wasn't about continuing Ultimis’ story (clear reference to the community's question about what happened to Ultimis after the events of Moon), but merely about answering some unanswered questions in the old story. So if, and only if, this map will be about Ultimis in Five, when does it take place? Certainly not after Moon, so it basically has to take place between two old maps… I'm going for the time between Kino der Toten and Ascension. Why? First of all, among with the period between Shangri La en No Man's Land, this time is most likely the most mysterious part in the travels of Ultimis. They are last seen in a German theatre and suddenly fly in a landing pad above a Soviet Cosmodrome. Not to mention all other mysteries these two maps still have. Secondly, it would fit perfectly. During Kino the characters are even able to teleport shortly to a room believed to be located in the Pentagon. Remember the hidden MTD behind a barrier in the laboratories in Five? American troops most likely retrieved this device from Der Riese after the standoff at the end of World War II, and if there is a MTD, there has to be a linking pad as well. What if scientists in the Pentagon were investigating this linking pad, and accidentally activated it while Ultimis was using the MTD in Kino der Toten? This would mean that they would really fully teleport to the Pentagon, and not merely for a short time. Samantha would have followed them with the undead, and possibly also Yuri, who was in her power now. This caused the outbreak in the Pentagon. The scientist and security all died, while Ultimis kept fighting the undead off. At a certain moment, the Thundergun was out of ammo and Ultimis might have simply left it there, which is why we see it laying on a table in Five. Meanwhile, Kennedy, Castro, Nixon and McNamara were holding a conference upstairs, when suddenly the undead also broke into their room, starting the events of Five. At that time, Ultimis was gone already, under way to Ascension. They could have found a moon lander in the Pentagon, though those vehicles don't have enough fuel to travel that far. The most likely reason is that they used the stolen 935 MTD or one of the American teleporters to teleport near the Cosmodrome, and find a moon lander here. Just a possibility. How do you all think about this? Any ideas yourself?
  3. anonymous

    RMS Titanic

    Just ask @jiipee95 and his metal band to create such a version
  4. anonymous

    Ultimis in the Pentagon

    Hmm, did Blundell said that recently once again? I remember him saying that during the BO3 days. It's curious he comes up with that statement again. I'm in particular interested in the whole Die Glocke thing, especially in regards with Broken Arrow and the Nuketown 'drill'.
  5. anonymous

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    The R of.... Arrrr
  6. anonymous

    RMS Titanic

    Easter Egg: Save the flying couple
  7. anonymous

    My Apologies

    No worries, friends, really no. You've done so much for this site, it's really not bad if you take a long break. Totally understandable even. I estimated my activity after the exams more as well, but guess what? Suddenly I'm going to Italy with my girlfriend, Mallorca with friends, unknown holiday with family, introduction week on my new university, more working to pay holidays, working on my upcoming new rental student apartment, et cetera. Not everything is predictable. Do whatever you like to do. Absolutely don't feel yourself obligated or forced to be online of CoDZ. We'll make it anyway. See you later, Ash (friend does that mean, right?)
  8. anonymous

    RMS Titanic

    Couldn't the map take place in the half sinking Titanic? After colliding with the iceberg, the shot wasn't immediately gone, was it?
  9. anonymous

    Grief Tournament

    This is a message to every living soul that is still out there To every not-undead human being that are out there, new folks and veterans, theorists and strategists, survivors and Flesh. The Element has gone airborne. Contaminates are now infecting the very air we breathe, and while the world is burning, survivors are fighting for that what is left. We must do all whatever it takes to ensure our future as a species. Those who own an Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, along with Black Ops II, can take part within the Grief Tournament. Two teams fight the undead, together or against each other. But keep in mind: In the end only one team can make it out alive. The tournament will separate the strong of the weak, though, this purification will continue until only one player has won: The semi-finals will have 2 players against 2 other players, and the finals will be a 1V1 match. He or she who wins this, will be awarded with eternal respect and 1000 Divinium, useful in CoDZ's Store. The 2th rank will be awarded with 750 Divinium, rank 3 and 4 each with 250 Divinium, and every participant will acquire 50 Divinium. Ask yourself, are you capable enough to participate? Don't delay yourself, and do what must be done. Round 1: Groups of 4 Compete Head to Head *1 Group Moves On* (4v4) Best 2:3 Matches Advances Round 2: Splitting The Winning Group Into 2 Teams *1 Group Moves On* (2v2) Best 2:3 Matches Advances Round 3: Splitting For A 1 vs 1 Finale (1v1) Best 2:3 Matches Wins What is your Gametag? Do you have the DLC of Mob of the Dead and/or Buried? (If not, no problem. Just need to know) The time you are able to start the tournament in the weekend after the next weekend, so I can start planning the matches. (You can let this know later as well). Your timezone Your console Xbox Slayers Registration Link: https://challonge.com/codzgriefxb PSN Slayers Registration Link: https://challonge.com/codzgriefpsn Charge your Galva-knuckles, and see you on the battlefield! So far known survivors: - Anonymous (XB) - TenslasterGames aka Tenslaster2980 (PS) -Wesleykg aka WAK Fury (XB) -TheMeh aka TheChaoticLight (XB) -RequixEclipse (XB) -McMike199399 (PS) -GolemThe3rd (XB) -WTFuzzle aka WTFvxvFTW (XB) - Franklin iQ (XB) - SneakyNinja4782 (XB) -XCaptainMooseX (XB) - TBG Lashay (XB) -Praemitis (XB) -ThunderfistDE (XB)
  10. anonymous

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  11. anonymous

    Wonder Weapon & Multiplayer Crossover

    My favourite weapons are those with funny and unique effects, such as the Baby gun, Paralyzer and Sliquifier. Though this kind of weapons must fit in the right environment, odd as it sounds. Not every wonderweapon would fit in the atmosphere of Alcatraz, in my opinion. What I hope just as much is a good, not too obvious and big backstory behind the gun. Oh, and some science and logic! http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/179887-plasma-weaponization-der-wunderwaffe/#
  12. anonymous


    And so is my reply. This is.... Honestly I don't know what I can say to this. I am not that good in discribing my feelings as you do right here. But I actually feel kinda the same about this community as you: It's just the people here... Uhm, everybody just seems to kind and open hearted and caring to each other. It's so odd to keep in mind that we all came here because we were fund on slaughtering walking corpses. And I feel that this what we have is pretty unique on the internet. Or even in real life maybe. CoDZ is a place like a pub where everyone knows each other, loves each other and where you go to to relax, forget everything else and talk and discuss with your friends. And yet do all these friends wear a mask so you can't see how they look like, but that doesn't matter because all what matters is the soul within (ouch, deep stuff). About you, Meh, you're beloved here. Four years is quite some time, and I know you even already had Zombies experience before (PTG might have helped in that). Speaking of which, I'm always curious to PTG. How was that forum? Comparable to this one, or very different? As Lenne said, you are really one of the most genuine and funny persons here. I love your character. You said CoDZ made you how you are but that's not true. Your character has laid always within you, CoDZ might merely be some kind of key to unleash it. It is you who is so fantastic, always has been. Might a zombie apocalypse ever occur, I hope we somehow meet each other and together fight the undead off :P
  13. anonymous

    Your favourite post/theory ever

    I wonder what your favourite post or theory ever on this site is, and by who it is written. From the prehestoric "Rise of Richthofen" by @Shooter to the a bit more new "Aetheric Multiverse Theory" of @AetherialVoices from 2016. My personal favourite is @thegoldenspork115's "Agartha, Pyramids, Gateways, Aliens, Hitler and Science". To be honest, I read it shortly before I created an account on this site and my first comment ever was on that theory, how great I thought it was. It might even been as factor why I created an account here a few days later, and I can remember how I, barely able to read English back in those days, took alot of time sitting on a sofas reading I. But next to this nostalgic reason that post is just awesome. I once even created a post called "An explanation of what might be the Great War"- some kind of wanna-be theory of TheGoldenSpork115's post. I simply liked it that much, and it was the thread in which I read about Hollow Earth for the first time: I wonder what your favourite topic ever is, and for what reason.
  14. anonymous

    Voyage of Despair

    Finally my friends! My exams are over! I think most of you don't care about it but for me it feels great just to have vacation till September. And this also means more time on CoDZ. Man, how much new topics have passed and interesting questions have been raised the last few weeks (special eye wink to you, @Mattzs) on which I have never replied. At the moment it is all just too much so I don't feel like replying on all them because I know my comments will be rushed and with bad quality. Anyway, concerning this map I wanted to say something. I have found conspiracy theories about the Titanic being sunk because of a curse. The ship transported an ancient Egyptian mummy among with old artifacts, and by some it is believed that this 'unlucky' mummy was cursed and that's why the ship sunk. It would fit neat with the artifacts seen in the trailer, which seem to look Egyptian in some way. Also, the Romans in the IX trailer also have these very artifacts. In the year 9, if the map takes place then, Aegyptus (Egypt) was a Roman province... Perhaps zombification and apocalypse in this new zombie story are caused by ancient Egyptian cursed artifacts. A totally different theme than the sci-fi/mythology theme we just came from. I'm curious where this will brings us
  15. anonymous

    Bloody teleporters

    In the beginning, time was linear. There was actually only one universe. Note that universes are different things then dimensions. There were more dimensions, probably always been: The first dimension (1D), the second dimension (2D), our dimension (3D), the Aether (4D) and the negative dimensions. So there was only 1 3D universe. A mysterious element called 115 somehow came in our thirth dimension (it might be that the Apothicans sent this, seeing the Apothican worm sending a 115 meteorite though a portal) and it was found by several nations: Russia, the US, Japan, but most importantly, the international Group 935, mainly led by Germans. "To improve human condition", they started experimenting with 115, causing the universe to split. Especially when Dr. Richthofen created his "Matter Transphere Device", a.k.a teleporter. Non linear parallel universes were created: The multiverse, or omniverse, or however you call it. Apparently, this creation of the multiverse had some effect for the Apothicans. How, I do not know. But that might be a reason why the Apothicans send 115 in the 3th dimension. It somehow freed them. This radio shows us the discovery of the capability of the MTD's. The teleporter doesn't only replace you from place to place (though space), but also though time. That might be a reason why the parallel universes began to bleed into each other. Note that the text from this radio in BO3 is also in the Die Rise intel in BO2. The only difference is that "Doctor Richthofen" is replaced by "Richthofen". This gives you a metaphor of the creation of the multiverse. The hammer stands for the experiments with 115, in particular with the MTD's. Reality and dream? It is hard to tell. Remember memories that didnt happen. Visions from another life of you? These are effects of the universes bleeding into each other. They remember things that they did in other universes. Yeah Monty, we know. So because of the linear universe splitting up in parallel universes, this whole multiverse becomes unstable. Maybe that's what the Apothicans want. Maybe an unstable universe will give them the opportunity to consume it. Just a thought. Not sure what vessel is meant here. Perhaps the music plates that open the portal to the crazy place? And ow I love it that he says "the world within the world" here. He means Agartha! The Aether (Agartha) is apparently also affected by the cracking universe. Again a radio about the false memories of the characters about another "version" of their selves in another universe. Ahhh I can't explain that better, Monty. This is how I see these radios. This is what I think is happening in the zombie storyline. What do you think? And how do they save the universe in Revelations? The Apothican Sun implodes, but how does that set all things right?
  16. anonymous

    Bloody teleporters

    Your explanation reminds me of the description of the Dark Aether: Beneath creation. About the souls, yes, they HAVE to play a major role in this, especially when connecting this thread to @Electric Jesus's Quantum Souls Theory. Hmm, I'm coming back on this later
  17. anonymous

    Did Blundell Just Kill Zombies?

    So I am working on my exams last week and next week, and I know I shouldn't put time in CoDZ during that period, but due to the release I felt like I had to say something. I'm kinda shocked- or amazed -not sure how to express it but I hadn't expected it. If Blundell sacrificed the storyline for this new thing, it better be something good and revolutionary. And I have faith it will be like that. No campaign as well so there might be put more effort into zombies. Anyway, I would love it to do an analysis of all trailers together with the community, but unfortunately too less time for me at the moment. Maybe later. Though all maps have interesting notes, I'm solely going into IX right now 'cuz of time: If it takes place in the year 9 AD, Emperor Augustus was in charge in pretty much the entire Mediterranean Sea: South (and parts of North) Europe, Turkey, the West of the Middle East and North Africa. I notice an eagle symbol: The Roman Eagle? Guy, whoever it is, is full of symbols, I will dive into that an other time. The people on the Tribune's of the arena are no ordinary citizens: They all have metallic gold-like masks and staffs, just as the master guy. Some kind of occult, I guess? A triangle is on the 'magic shield's, as well as on the mask of the master guy and on flags in the arena. People (slaves?) without masks are being sacrificed? The master guy has both the 'shield' and the 'scepter', two items also seen on board on the Titanic. And what he this to do with Alchemism? We'll see. I hope and think it'll be something spectacular. And something different than the old 'survival mode in a few maps' thing too. I really thing this will be something new. Could be like a zombie campaign, could be like zombie minigames, man I don't know what. But something different than usually.
  18. @Electric Jesus this is the thread I was talking about:
  19. anonymous

    First tease

    A teaser as a teaser should be...mysterious and including some kind of (Alchemism) codes. I'm gonna quote what I have said on CoDZ discord, following this thread: The prior teaser (of BO3), the 'only the cursed will survive' one, had to do with the first released map Shadows of Evil. So this teaser most likely has to do with the first map, and that might be London. How can this alchemist organisation be connected with London? Is there any specific location or historic event with alchemists in London? Also, mankind's reckoning will be it's salvation? What reckoning? And what salvation? Somehow sounds a bit like the Shadowman
  20. anonymous

    Apologies and regrets aplenty, I must post this.

    I've missed your presence as well. I really hope things eventually turn out to be alright for you. We will always be here waiting for you. Stay strong, my friend
  21. anonymous

    [BO1] Perish

    Looks insane, Hitman! Alot of time and effort put into this one it seems. And what an outcome. I have no Black Ops or any CoD on PC, yet I am curious to this map, the egg and the story. Are there gameplay videos of it? As what characters do you play, for example?
  22. anonymous

    Black Ops 4 Zombies Story line Concept

    Heeey, good to see you again BlackHandSmith! Apologies for the late reply, was on holiday. Many people, including you and me seem to distrust Monty. But why actually? What is wrong with his perfect world if it is perfect?
  23. anonymous

    Peter Mccain

    Yeppo. One can clearly see the time travel arrow going from the last picture to the first one, hinting that something in the end (Primis) did something causing the WaW events to not happen/happen different (Nacht, Verrückt, Shirt No Nina, der Riese)
  24. I felt exactly the same. This theory brought me so many new thoughts as well as new questions that I didn't really knew/know how to reply
  25. anonymous

    Peter Mccain

    Looking at this new loading screen, it seems that Primis's work caused to set things right in the fractures of the Original Universe. So you see Peter the Hanging Man disappearing from the Rising Sun facility. This is the dead Peter. Maybe it was him who somehow appeared in Revelations. Then we got another Peter, the one who got pulled into a Temporal Rift above the Rising Sun Facility. Especially looking at the cipher in Zetsubou No Shima, in which he talks about an "Aurora Borealis" above the Division 9 facility. This Peter was alive when he was pulled into the Rift. Maybe this is the living Peter in the Revelations trailer?

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