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  1. Kino is the first map I played; and still is my favorite. I love it, and I'm a beast on it. But I always choke on it! Gahhh - it is soooo painful when you throw away such long games. Who understands and feels this pain also?
  2. Double Tap + Double PaP

    Ay, I discovered that Double PaP effects are based on a cooldown. After this cooldown there is a % chance that the effect will activate. Since Double Tap = Double Bullets; it is more likely to activate this effect faster. However, something different clearly happened with the 'Turned' effect.
  3. Double Tap + Double PaP

    I've looked into it. Double Tap definitely affects Turned. No convincing evidence to show Double Tap affects any of the other special ammos. There is a suggestion that it may actually affect deadwire; but this is incoclusive.
  4. Double Tap + Double PaP

    Thanks for that. I'll run a test so that we can be certain. Will let you guys know for sure by the end of next week.
  5. Double Tap + Double PaP

    Couldn't find any obvious answers or threads about this. Can someone clarify please: Does Double Tap make the gun effect from Double PaP happen more often than without Double Tap? I ask because I was comparing a vid of RelaxingEnd with Double Tap, and myself without and he seemed to get the effect way more often (Thundergun and ICR with deadwire). I also hears iisteveii complaining about double PaP effect being slow and he hated not having double tap. Clarify Please!
  6. No Astronaut Strat?

    I have used the hacker tool, pretty cool :) opening doors takes too long tho! - I didn't know that you can turn off excavators, thanks for that! Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  7. No Astronaut Strat?

    Recently I've started learning the 'Moon' map. I'm fairly comfortable with it, I still don't understand how the breaches/excavators occur or why. But the main thing I can't figure out is how to permanently get rid of the astronaut boss. There are a couple youtube videos; one, a glitch that has been patched, and two, kills the astronaut but he comes back. I suspect there is a way to permanently rid this pain in the ass, as on the zombierecords site, there are two solo lists: 'without astronaut' and 'with astronaut.' http://zombierecords.com/leaderboards/solo/moon/ . Any knowledge on this topic is greatly appreciated
  8. Gorod Krovi all high round strategies! Updated 7/19/16

    @shirtlesservice - Much appreciated bro :) Happy horde hunting/zombie slaying!
  9. Gorod Krovi all high round strategies! Updated 7/19/16

    Nice Topic :) - The final camping strat is the one I Used. I thought I was the only one XD - I guess that's never the case. Would be appreciated if you could put mine in the list. Why support a big youtuber, when you can support someone in the same crowd, who speaks the same language! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T50CWaKAwl0
  10. Can we wear multiple masks at once?

    I believe you can only wear one at a time
  11. What strategies have you used to achieve Round 50 or higher in Gorod Krovi, and which one is the best (most fun/ most quick) ? Here is my favorite R50 strat, let me know if there are any better/quicker methods:
  12. Shadows of Evil highest round

    108! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsk9JJO3sY4
  13. Zombies Youtubers

    Here is the kino no doors WR I mentioned :D
  14. Zombies Youtubers

    I've noticed most popular zombie youtubers are good but not amazing and dont have any 'pro records.' Some do, but not many. Why? I think this is because high round players only upload high round attempts instead of challenges and top5's and stuff like that. Take for instance, the only very good 'pro' zombie player that does this kind of thing - TheRelaxingEnd. He claimed a few WR's and has continued regularly posting challenges and custom maps. He doesnt even talk in his vids - but ppl still watch!.. I'd like to try a similar thing. I just got the kino 1st room/ no doors WR, and am planning to do regular challenges and upload several times a week - frequency will increase with more people viewing my content. If you are interested, have any pointers or thoughts on this topic please share. Here is my yt channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6QJSqVzEuazrN8CKs6Waw Show some love and subscribe to support me!
  15. The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    So basically stay on round 1 forever? Sent from my SGH-T599N using Tapatalk No, you play with randoms, so obviously they aren't doing the challenge. Only you dont do anything, the rest play as normal. I guess the real question is, can you revive and use traps? I'd vote for no traps, but you should be able to revive