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  1. Fucking cancer. Lost 2 family members to it, brother lost a testicle, mum and sister have both had pre cancerous cells, and now I find out another close relative who has been ill for some time has it? When it rains, it pours.

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    2. JJMFP


      Don't count them as losses yet @Stop Mocking Me0, let's pray for the best and get @DaveLo07 through this hardship.


    3. DaveLo07


      Appreciate the responses. Unfortunately the relative in question is elderly so they will not treat only offer pain relief and try to slow the illness, but they have been suffering for a while and after numerous tests the only other outcomes would give them even less time. Just hope they don't suffer through it for too long.

    4. JJMFP


      That has got to take a toll, watching a loved one waste in pain like that.  My grandfather, years ago, suffered esophigeal cancer and was on his way out the door when a sudden change of heart came about and in his last efforts to fight stated "don't let me die".  He died that night in a hopsital and breaks my heart thinking about how much pain he had to endure and the fact he died scared is in its self horrific.  Bless you and your family with the endurance and strength to witness cancer's horrible grip.