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  1. More Verrückt-style Teamwork!

    ​Oh no, every map would be a bit ridiculous but I felt every now and again, to shake things up, it would be nice. In fact a different way to start each map would be great. The first one like normal, the next like Verruckt, another somewhat like Moon but perhaps with more of a reason to be there rather than "Quick, run to the teleporter!". It would be great to not start every map the same. As much as I adore zombies, when starting up a new game I feel quite bored already because all the interesting stuff takes time to get to. ​Exactly! Teamwork for a common goal and to shake things up. It just makes me feel like this way you won't join a random game with two friends, a stranger and yourself and have the two friends doing all they can to work together but with no one else. Yes! This as a grief map would be so unique and interesting to place! ​It really would.Struggling to revive your team mate because the centre door isn't open yet; it'd be awesome!
  2. Obviously with the inclusion of proper full on objective based Easter Eggs since Der Riese, zombies has always had a team element to it where you work together for rewards (perks, weapons, etc) however the teamwork aspect has more or less be there from the start. Now before you go calling me Captain Obvious because zombies is a co-op based game mode, what I'm referring to is actual, helping one another out teamwork. In the original Natch Der Untoten map, I always found myself playing with randomers online. And without fail, everything single game, everyone would open the box room, open the stairs and then huddle together in the corner upstairs while you all riddled the undead with endless amounts of bullets. But Verrückt, for me, has always felt like the closest to what zombies should be like in terms of teamwork. Whereas with Easter Eggs it's an optional side quest, in Verrückt the first thing you need to work on was getting the power turned on so you could open the door up in the centre of the map to let your buddies join you on your side of the map (unless, you know, they open all the doors on their side too). I surely can't be the only one who wants to see this sort of thing return? And I mean in such a way where the teamwork is mandatory. Buying all the doors yourself because the other two players on the other side refuse to waste their points (even worse when they turn out to be able to hold out longer without the box than you can). Here's my pitch: - Players paired up into two sets of two randomly. - One set of players are within the actual map itself. - The other set are trapped somewhere (similar to the Crazy Place in 'Origins' perhaps?).. - The power cannot be turned on until all four players are together (maybe there's a set of four switches that all players need to press at once to get out of the starting room?). - Players within the main portion of the map need to fix and calibrate a teleporter somehow (maybe they have to build parts of it or find certain things, maybe even a little game that you must do to calibrate it so it's operational - a game like this http://moh97.us/flow/ or perhaps the good ol' fashion Call of Duty "tap X for a while". - Meanwhile, the trapped players are working to prepare the teleporter on their end (maybe in the same way, maybe differently - depends on what they come up with). - Then when one side has finished their objective they must wait for the others to finish theirs so they can press a 'Ready Up/Activate' button that sends the teleporter into life. - Then all four players are reunited and the starting room now has a permanently active teleporter (like the doors to the Crazy Place) that you can just step in and out of. END NOTE: Maybe the trapped players could repair the teleporter and the other two need to fix and set up the power to activate the teleporter. That way there could be two different maps (say Verrückt and Origins) that are connected by a single teleporter? And the two sets of two need to scour their map for the necessary components to complete their objective. That way you can have two maps in one! Kind of like what TranZit tried to do by having the Natch Der Untoten easter egg. This is just a suggestion of mine that I really think would be a fun, mandatory thing to do. Especially if it's not too challenging an objective but does need to be completely to do pretty much everything you'd want on the map - e.g. perks, box, etc. Thoughts and suggestions would be nice!
  3. Origins ending: New idea

    Mocking, dude, this is a fantastic theory, I love it! I love the idea of it being in hell. I can't believe I never pieced it together like this before. Mind you, I feel ashamed to say that I'm not 100% up to date on all easter eggs and lore to do with Origins. I need to research/play it some more. ​Whether this has been debunked or not, I love this idea. It's clever! By the way, what hidden pictures and mound are you refering to? I'm not sure I know of/have seen these.
  4. 2- I am sooooooooooo glad to hear that. I was always getting told that everyone hated MOTD. In fact, most of my friends seem to. Maybe they just don't have taste, ha!​ 3, 4- I know Origins and following maps shared these qualities, I just mean Mob of the Dead played to ALL the things I wanted to see in future maps well. I did originally make the video where I used examples from Origins and Buried too but it came out at about 20 minutes long... So I sadly had to cut a lot! 5, 9- Granted but I felt, and I think it's fair to say we can agree, the Black Ops 2 maps did absolutely nothing for the story except make it a bit of a mess and a bore. Like, the whole long winded Richtofen/Maxis taking over arc didn't seem to go anywhere interesting IMO. I just felt that had all that stuff going on with the N4 been contained in one map, they as characters would have been more interesting. As for the Maxis/Richtofen story line... It kind of seems like the reason Origins was the following map, besides being a great send off map for Black Ops 2, was because there was no where left to go after Buried. Or at least, that's how I see it. I agree, one different character map per game is a nicer treat but I just felt it would make the return zombie storyline a bit more excitable if you've got to wait to resolve a cliffhanger. Like a mini wait between Treyarch games. I also thought it would have been nice to see what else is going on in the world besides the whole O4/Richtofen/Maxis saga. 6- True, Trazit was a mess, but I think that was mainly because the of all the fog, lava and Denizens between areas. Which was mainly about hiding most of the map so it didn't take up too much space what with it being last gen systems and all. ​I do agree with you partly, but I think that making an map-ending easter egg is actually more benificial to the storyline because for example: when the O4 gets to kino from der reise how did that happen? and if we had an ending then that ending could be the players overloading the the teleporter and then entering it and then the map ends... I think that would be much more pleasing and interresting for the players...I mean not everyone wants continiue forever?! ​Exactly! Everyone wants to end the game at some point and just downing yourself is such an anti-climatic way to go about it. I agree entirely that the Kino ending would've been superb! ​Oh no, I meant when you finish the Easter Egg you get the achievement plus rewards (perks, WWDG2, bonuses of whatever kind) and then have a final step, like MegaZron suggested, that advances the story and explains how one map leads into another or at least how that map's story ends.
  5. Oh, yes, granted, I agree - the quotes do give you the general idea of the previous games but even still it all seemed too much of a coincidence for those quotes to link together as well as they do, I though. Ah well, it's fun to speculate! And thank you! I was terrified I was going to just some newbie that no one pays attention to. So thank you for the warm introduction! ​True, but if you don't try you'll never know, ay? Besides, who doesn't love a good Treyarch challenge? Even if the odds will never be in your favour...
  6. Mob of the Dead was one of my absolute favourite maps from Black Ops 2. It was great! Everything about it was perfect! Here's a video I made, for anyone interested, where I talk about why were should have more Mob of the Dead-like maps in Black Ops 3.
  7. So, I was rewatching the Black Ops III teaser the other day when it suddenly hit me. All the quotes featured in said teaser seem to be quite coincidentally link. They all work together and seem as though these specific quotes were chosen on purpose. What if the quotes were chosen to hint towards something that will happen in the Black Ops III campaign? Treyarch are very good at hiding Easter Eggs and clues in plain sight, so could this be one of them? Perhaps I'm just clutching at straws here or shooting in the dark but it made an awful lot of sense to me. What do you guys think? I made a video (below) discussing the idea and what I think they mean. - Mr TEP Duck PLEASE NOTE: I didn't tag my video to plug it or my YouTube channel. It was merely because I know I won't be able to type it all out without screwing it up and/or making a mess of things.
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