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  1. GTA5, Just Cause 2, or Far Cry 3?

    So, it's my birthday soon (woohoooo), and I've already got money from family members. I'm thinking of getting Grand Theft Auto 5, but I also want to get Far Cry 3 or Just Cause 2. I think I might wait until my official birthday until I think about buying things, but I'm unsure. Help pl0x?
  2. Good idea for Zombie's merchandise

    Replica Ray Gun Perk-A-Cola drink coaster things (the thing you put your can inside, idk what theyre called ) Warden's Key Teleporter welcome mat. The pack a punch ding doorbell MOTD Pack-A-Punch camo carpet Hellhound costume for pet dogs Replica Wind Turbine Random Box toy box Wallpaper with gun chalk sketches Perk-A-Cola machine refrigerator Origins staff parts Origins Gramophone with staff records Buildable table desk Teddy bear...teddy bear Sliquifier condiment squirter thing I spent so much time thinking of all this stuff xD
  3. Tie between PPSH and DSR.
  4. Favorite BO2 zombies map?

    I find Buried the most fun oddly enough, Origins is great too.
  5. Opinions: Der RIese

    It's one of my favorite maps of all time
  6. My list would be: Die Rise (Sliquifier y u do dis) Der Riese (still fun tho) Nacht Der Untoten (Flamethrower and ray gunnnn) Ascension (Just dolphin dive and thundergun the zombies that spawn on the ledge with you) Buried (An overpowered gun with unlimited ammo?) Kino Der Toten (Run in circles on the stage) Call of the Dead (In front of the lighthouse ) Mob of the Dead (Cafeteria + PaP'd Acid Gat = Unlimirounds) Origins (Lots of objectives to keep ya busy ) Nuketown Zombies (Never got Jugg in time) Verruckt (This map was just hard for me ) Shi No Numa (Never got Jugg/Quick Revive soon enough) Moon (Never fully understood this map) Tranzit (Don't even get me started on Tranzit) Shangri-La (This map just confuses me) Five (I just gave up on this map when I couldn't get past round six over a hundred times)
  7. Tranzit hate???

    It's a bunch of maps combined into one, the only form of travel is the bus (which can be easily invaded by zombies), denizens, him, pack a punch, the jet gun, the bank, lava, easter egg, the fog, nav cards (is that what they're called?), that one hole in the power station, the turret, the electric trap, did I mention DENZENS?! The only good part about this map in my opinion are the persistent upgrades. The map is a total flop.
  8. Staffs

    What's the best staff overall? What's the easiest staff to make?
  9. Welcome to the forums AndSometimesY :)