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  1. Zombie And Multiplayer Map Ideas

    Your mp map with moon physics it could be called Orbit
  2. I want to see what idea you guys have for zombies and mp maps.
  3. New Perk Idea's

    Build-A-Brew Cost- 1500 Effect- allows player to build barriers, turbines, tramplesteams, and etc. 25% faster than usual.
  4. The not-so-wonderful weapon discussion

    The only gunpowder gun i could think of that would be pretty cool in zombies is a musket. The only thing that would be bad for having this gun is reload time. Mousket It would be a single shot Ammo- 4/25 When shot the gunpowder catches on fire and the zombie catches on fire. The reloading time is 20 seconds. When shot to reload you would have to take the rod clean the gun, grab the gunpowder, put gunpowder in it, and pull the cocking mechanism back. Pack-a-punched it is called the Mousketeer Ammo change- 6/30 Pack-a-punched attatchments- Bayonet, iron sights, silencer, and i dont know any others it would have.
  5. New Perk Idea's

    Halo Healer effect- When you get downed and die, when you respawn the next round you will have a halo glowing above your head, you will get your guns and perks back from the last round, but you wont have Halo Healer. The halo above your characters head allows you to get up immediately after going down. You have to build this perk. The things you need to build it are: Angel statue, Halo, and perk bottle. it is a yellow color. The symbol on the bottle is a stick figure with a halo above its head. cost- 3400 Meleerita effect- Allows you to knife faster than the usual speed. It is a Goldish color. cost- 1200
  6. New Perk Idea's

    Mixing perk ideas   Electric Cherry + Stamin-up= Shock Charge. When running it creates a storm of lightning bolts coming out of your body.   Speed Cola + Electric Cherry= Electric Hands. When you switch guns, it shocks any zombies around you.   Juggernog +  Speed Cola= Safety First. If you're red screening when you switch guns it regenerates your health a little.
  7. New Perk Idea's

    I have some ideas for mixing perks   Quick Revive + Deadshot= Brain Surgery. When you revive someone any zombies around you there heads will explode.   Vulture Aid + Deadshot= Dropshot. When you get a headshot, 50% of the time it will drop a nuke, max ammo, double points, fire sale, or carpenter.   Stamin-up + Speed Cola= Headstart. Allows you to run faster than usual.
  8. New Perk Idea's

    Perk ideas      Adrena-Rage- when hit your character will scream and prick themselves with a needle with adrenaline in it. It makes you go on a rampage for 1 minute. One hit one kill (melee), Shoot faster (guns), Grenades bigger explosion radius.     Free Fall Fizz- Just like PHD Flopper but it doesnt make an explosion. When you fall or dolphin dive from a big height it doesnt do much damage. It does little damage.     Melee Margarita- Makes it so you can knife faster. When using a pistol it lets you have your knife out with the pistol as a tactical knife.
  9. New Perk Idea's

    more perk ideas     Double dose- when hit by zombies it regenerates your health 2x the normal speed. It is a gray color and it costs 2000 points. The perk machine is shaped like a medicine bottle.     Edison Enigma- makes any electric powered guns, melee weapons, and perks 25% stronger than what they are.It costs 1200 points. It is a light blue color and it has a lightning bolt on the front. Electric Cherry- Bigger shock radius and is more likely to kill zombies. Galvaknuckles- One hit one kill til round 24     Fusion Fiesta- Not so much a perk its more like pack-a-punch. Fusion Fiesta allows you to fuse the two weapons you are holding and make a more powerful weapon. So like if you were to fuse the b23r and cobra it would make a fully auto revolver or something like that. You cant fuse the ray gun, ray gun mark 2, or any other wonderweapons. It costs 4500 points.       Bomb Voyage- When downed it makes an explosion that will either blow the zombies to a different part of the map or kill them on the spot. If a teammate is next to you when you get downed your teammate will get blown to a different part of the map. It is a white and blue color. It costs 1600 points.     Steel Lungs- Allows you to hold breath longer when using sniper rifles. I know alot of people dont really use sniper rifles alot, but i liked this idea. It costs 1000 points. It is a yellow and black color.     Grandolier Gargle- This perk gives you 2 grenades after every round unless you have grenades after a round then its useless. It costs 1000 points. It is a lime green color.
  10. New Perk Idea's

    stop mocking me. With zombie knight115's idea it actually would fill all the spots cause there are different combinations you could do.   juggernog + stamin-up juggernog + double tap juggernog + phd flopper juggernog + quick revive juggernog + speed cola juggernog + electric cherry  juggernog + tombstone  juggernog + deadshot daquiri  juggernog + mule kick   quick revive + juggernog  quick revive + speed cola quick revive + electric cherry  quick revive + speed cola  quick revive + mule kick quick revive + deadshot daquiri  quick revive + stamin-up quick revive + tombstone quick revive + phd flopper   and keep going with the other perks
  11. New Perk Idea's

    I have a couple perk ideas.   Halfback Hotsauce - It allows you to run through a horde of zombies while taking little damage. This is good for when you get cornered or need to get to a door to buy. It would cost 1900 pints. The color is a redish orange.     Cola Clone- This perk allows you to make a clone of your character to distract the zombies. It lasts 30 seconds. To activate it you have to push down on the d-pad. It will show a outline of a body. This perk has to recharge. It would cost 2400 points. It sounds like call a clone.     Electric Zipper- Zipper is another name for jello shot. It makes it so when you shoot a zombie it electrocutes it, but it electrocutes any zombies around it. It is a purple color. It costs 2000 pints.
  12. Welcome to the forums MonkeyBomb97 :)