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  1. If your bored, watch this run..... start with the clip titled - 1. moon - then continue in order 2. moon 3. moon thru 8. moon. There only 30secs clips but it's the perfect set up that goes wrong! https://clips.twitch.tv/my-clips
  2. True? - There is no restrictions in terms of using NML for any and all strategic purposes.
  3. These issues are with PlayStation consoles right? Can't recall having any hiccups with my Xbox One
  4. Ran in spawn and camped on the top floor of the boat with the power door closed. Kinda jumped around back and forth. I had the ideal perk set up, but went down on rd15 and lost it all. Managed to survive a few more rounds after that.
  5. I think i did almost 20, but I forget. There is tricks to it, like after rd15 just round all the zombies up, and collect the coins (coins will continue to spawn) til you have max lives (9). I don't and never had the patience for doa
  6. Yes, black ops 3
  7. @Neanesis rd15 is nice! Getting the xm from a pod, heading up to the box area where the trap and pharo are located seemed to be the fastest spawns I found, rd13 and up get very difficult in that area though.
  8. I'd be surprised if we see any rounds above 14...
  9. Those monkey perk drops, have recently become nothing but a big pile of shit for me. Reasons 1. It's not really simple and easy 2. There so randomly ridiculous, it's randomly ridiculous [emoji817] 3. There monkeys [emoji205] 4. Once they give 3 perks, max ammos sorta just disappear for some dumb reason 5. Im constantly hitting pause, then restart level, because those monkeys dropped a shit perk. End rant.
  10. After the 5hrs+ it took me to get a playable set up, only to have it vanish for no definitive reason, had me ready to just retire from Shang all together.
  11. Monkeys gave me phd on rd2 and jug on rd6, then I picked up the ray gun on rd7. Then I get screwed on rd9 when the monkeys give me quick revive which meant GAMEOVER
  12. Let's say.....a monkey gives me quick revive. That score would still count, but as soon as the QR pops up on my screen, my attempt is final. Right?
  13. If it's an odd number, just have him go against the average of all the participants for that challenge..... just an idea

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