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  1. Looking for suggestions and Youtube collaboration

    Thanks man, yeah im actually suprised. Ive gotten 34 subs in 1 month exactly. So i must be doing something right. I also relinked the channel. nah the link doesn't work on tapatalk but yeah that's pretty good, I was around 25 subs after a month good job!
  2. Looking for suggestions and Youtube collaboration

    Yeah these replies you're getting are very realistic to what YouTube is like . I do youtube for fun and enjoyment as a hobby , but of course like anyone else I would like my audience to be larger , that's the fun in YouTube! Making a video after working hard on it and then seeing positive feedback in comments and likes! To give an example on how hard it is to grow, I have 80 subs after about 5 months on YouTube. Now about 40 of those subs are from the community, so if some nice guys named strett and Alex and legacy didn't get me in the community, I'd have even less. I'm very proud of 80 subs tho and I'm very surprised it's even grown this fast believe it or not! Focus on doing YouTube for fun and eventually when you grow a little, you can really focus hard on content. You can play with me if u want for a collab or something,the link to your channel didn't. Work tho :/ gt:Inferno118
  3. Easiest map Ever?

    Oh ok nm yeah your right I haven't used the other one, but I do remember seeing it somewhere
  4. Easiest map Ever?

    I appreciate that people find that an easy strategy on Origins, but for me it's down central. I cannot run that spot to save my life. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk lol it's a camping strat bro, just ice staff and stay in the same spot shooting at the ground every couple of seconds
  5. Easiest map Ever?

    oh yeah it's definitely a VERY easy map and like u said has many overpowered things, but I think it's not easier than ascension because once ur at 80, I'm pretty sure you have to run the subsonic resonator setup or ur gonna die. Valid points tho, but when u reach the high rounds it isn't as easy as ascension
  6. Easiest map Ever?

    Hmmm I've never heard anyone say anything other than ascension being the easiest. I don't see how It could be easier unless it was a huge open room with 1 trap in it and 1 box location XD
  7. Easiest map Ever?

    Ascension is the easiest. Nearly every room is a strategy and never gets hard. Ascension has by far the most round 100 and 200s (not including waw) and pretty much is a joke in terms of difficulty. I still like it thought because it's kind of fun still to me. Buried isn't easiest because paralyzer doesn't kill past a round ( i think it was 60?) and the only strat I've ever seen in high rounds is the little dubstep machine thing in jug corner or outside the candy shop