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  1. Medal Request Topic

    Medals List **In-game medals require photo confirmation** The Guardians Takeo - Reach between round 20-29 in Co-Op Zombies Nikolai - Reach between round 30- 39 in Co-Op Zombies Dempsey - Reach between round 40-49 in Co-Op Zombies Richtofen - Reach round 50+ in Co-Op Zombies Russman - Reach between round 25-49 in Solo Zombies Marlton - Reach between round 50-74 in Solo Zombies Misty - Reach between 75-99 in Solo Zombies Samuel - Reach round 100+ in Solo Zombies Site Achievements -Be a member at CoDz for 1 year -Be a member at CoDz for 2 years -Be a member at CoDz for 3 years -Accumulate a total of 1,000 posts - this medal is automatically awarded, you do not need to request this medal -Accumulate a total of 2,500 posts - this medal is automatically awarded, you do not need to request this medal -Accumulate a total of 5,000 posts - this medal is automatically awarded, you do not need to request this medal -Complete a 4 player Co-op game of Zombies with 3 other CoDz members. - Create a topic that recieves at least 50 replies -Posted an introduction in the introductions section -Be a previous or current winner of the user of the month competition -Contributed an idea that was implemented into the site -Write 3 stories in the "Zombies Stories" forum -Earn 10 CoDz medals -Earn 20 CoDz medals -Earn 30 CoDz medals -Have a topic sticked/announced -Have a topic approved for the Asylum -Awarded to those with outstanding, dedicated strategies (Staff-awarded ONLY) -Awarded to those with oustanding, dedicated theories (Staff-awarded ONLY) Ztocking Ztuffer - Post in the Christmas thread during the end of the year. Game Achievements -Kill a career total of 10,000 zombies -Kill a career total of 50,000 zombies -Kill a career total of 100,000 zombies -Kill a career total of 175,000 zombies -Kill a career total of 300,000 zombies -Reach Round 40 in DOA. -Opened a career total of 1,200 doors -Kill a career total of 7,500 zombies with Grenades -Get 150 headshots in a single zombies game -Revive teammates a career total of 750 times -Consume a career total of 750 perks -Earn all achievements/trophies in WaW, Blops or Blops 2. -Complete the side quests in Black Ops II in favour of Maxis. New! (Cannot obtain if you have the "Richtofen's Servant" medal.) -Complete the side quests in Black Ops II in favour of Richtofen. New! (Cannot obtain if you have the "Maxis' Assistant" medal.) - In Shadows of Evil, Pack-a-Punch a weapon during Round 1. - Earn Max Prestige in Zombies. - Complete the "Nightmares" campaign. - Design and apply a Zombies-styled paintjob on your weapon. - Acquire a mass unused total of 115 Liquid Divinium. - Survive a total of 500 rounds. - Survive a total of 1,000 rounds. - Survive a total of 2,500 rounds. - Survive a total of 5,000 rounds. - Survive a total of 10,000 rounds. - Gobble up any Gobblegum 50 times. - Gobble up any Gobblegum 100 times. - Gobble up any Gobblegum 250 times. - Gobble up any Gobblegum 500 times. - Gobble up any Gobblegum 1,000 times. - Play in Zombies for a collected 10 days. - Play in Zombies for a collected 25 days. - Play in Zombies for a collected 50 days. - Play in Zombies for a collected 100 days. - Play in Zombies for a collected 500 days. Miscellaneous - Donate to CoDz. -Tribute to Covert Gunman's absence -Made a post on January 15th (aka 1/15 Day) in celebration of our relaunch. Prestige medals Prestige 1 - 100 posts + 1 month Prestige 2 - 300 posts + 2 months Prestige 3 - 500 posts + 3 months Prestige 4 - 750 posts + 5 months + 2 medals Prestige 5 - 1,000 posts + 7 months + 2 medals Prestige 6 - 1,500 posts + 9 months + 3 medals Prestige 7 - 2,000 posts + 1 year + 5 medals Prestige 8 - 2,500 posts + 1.5 years + 7 medals Prestige 9 - 3,000 posts + 2 years + 9 medals Prestige 10 - 5,000 posts + 3 years + 12 medals + UOTM No Mans Land medals Rank 1 - 100 kills Rank 2 - 200 Kills Rank 3 - 250 Kills Rank 4 - 300 Kills Rank 5 - 340 Kills Infinite Warfare Zombies Medals "The Hoff" - Unlock David Hasselhoff in Zombies in Spaceland. Space Engineer - Create all buildable weapons in Zombies in Spaceland. Sooouuullll Key - Obtain a piece of the Soul Key in Zombies in Spaceland. Sticker Collector - Obtain all stickers in Zombies in Spaceland.
  2. This is how the club system works.
  3. Website update

    In about 2 hours time, I'll be taken the website offline for a period of time, we will be upgrading the site to IPS Suite 4.2.1 - which brings a host of new features with the site and also brings us up to the most recent version. This is not just a simple update, this is a new version of the suite taken us from 4.1 to 4.2, you'll like the new features.
  4. Website update

    The website has now been updated, we haven't updated the theme yet although we have updated it but not put it live, some testing to do on it and we'll get on this. Some things may not work just now but if you spot anything let us know.
  5. Solo Tips

    So if you are playing a solo game, you are looking to get setup early. One of the best ways to get points is to use the the tram switch on round 1 before killing any zombies. If you are lucky, you'll spawn a double points drop, this helps with opening the doors and keeping as many zombies alive as possible. Uf anyone has any other tips, please share.
  6. Downtime Today

    Apologies, someone forgot to pay the electric bill - my bad.
  7. Zombies TCG info

    I'm just saying @InfestLithiumis the bomd for making these and the look so good as well.
  8. CoDz is a great place, the power though can only be kept on by Donations. Please donate if you can, we greatly appreciate the help to keep things running.


    It usually comes out of our own pockets and ad revenue, ad revenue has been down recently so extra help would be most welcome.

    1. RequixEclipse


      I will try to get a donation in soon my friend. It has been long overdue for me lol

  9. The Timeline of Zombies

    Now, with the timeline being issued by Treyarch - how much of this timeline matches that of what theorists have put out since the beginning of the franchise? It would certainly be interesting to see how much of this timeline has been taken from zombie theorists and how much "if any" was set in stone from the beginning? How much of this timeline has been written by or initiated by Blundell and how accurate does it appear be? compared to what was believed previously (by the community)? Cynical and skeptical about its origins.
  10. Zombie Chronicles Megathread

    Gutted MoTD is not one of them, I don't buy the licence issue with characters either. If they (Activision/Treyarch) are astute business people and they are. Remakes are covered in the licencing contract.
  11. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is now Backwards Compatibility

    Now we can play and I don't need to dig out the 360
  12. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is now Backwards Compatibility

    @DeathBringerZen @InfestLithium @BoomByeYeah Need to look why mentions are limited to three but fuck yeah.
  13. Curve Ball

  14. Curve Ball

    Curve Ball Take your pong skillz to the third dimension and make the curve count. How many levels can you clear before running out of blue balls?

    Interesting but lets be honest, a lot of folk would rather have had something else. However, @DeathBringerZenhas previously mentioned that this map was actually far bigger than what the old systems could actually handle. So maybe we are in for a treat with this map?
  16. User of the Month March 2017 - anonymous & RadZakpak!

    I don't feel qualified to nominate but good luck to everyone that has been nominated.
  17. Monthly Update: March 2017

    I was hanging up the boots and handing the reigns on but I was persuaded to stick around for assisting. I didnt want to leave and see the site suffer or pressure put on other admins unnecessarily. @InfestLithium knows what he's doing and I know it's in good hands when I eventually leave and when I'm not around.
  18. Monthly Update: March 2017

    Sorry for the downtime today folk's, I've not had much time as of late and I promised to process updates and upgrades. So today we updated to the most recent version of IPB and we also update the site to run on PHP version 7, which brings many many benefits. I'll get a list fo improvements for the forumand post them ASAP.
  19. Bugs

    @Legendkiller999 I think you are talking about the game rather than the site?
  20. It has been a long time...

    Welcome back mega, I'm not around as much as I used to be myself but still trying to be involved but @InfestLithium is pretty much doing the day to day running of things. I would love to see it be as busy as it once was but I fear it's just the start of the slow death of Zombies imho.
  21. CoDz Leaderboards

    It is under used and it is not found on the main menu, but we would like for you all to get using it and post your personal bests - supported with evidence of course. You can find the link to this from the main menu under CoDz Apps, you can post scores for several categories and it has recently been updated with the Black ops III games. Come on, post your scores, you know you want too.
  22. CoDz Leaderboards

    I didn't think anyone was actually using the Leaderboard, not had any new entries for a long time until recently - I'll get one added if it hasn't been done already, soon.
  23. CoDz Forum Mobile App

    We are now in the world of apps, we have at present our app live and available for download on the Apple App store. Now, I had a helluva fight with Apple trying to get the app name we wanted which was "CoDz Forum" or "callofdutyzombies.com" but due to trademark issues they wouldn't approve either of them. Even though CoDz is not trademarked or forum and callofdutyzombies.com is legally owned by us and we provided the proof that they required they refused due to association. So, the app is call "The Number One Zombies Community - for Call of Duty Zombies" as it was the name Apple basically said would be accepted (trust me, I've been fighting for 3 weeks on this issue). It essentially the same as the Tapatalk app, when you access the forum via the tapatalk app but now you don't need to go through Tapatalk to access the site, you can simple access the site via the CoDz app. Once in the app, it is white background but if you go to settings from the menu in the top right, you can change the look and feel and go to the night reading mode for a grey tone background. You can include or exclude your signature (defaulted to sent from iphone using call of zombies mobile app). We hope you all enjoy and use the new app, the Android app will follow shortly.
  24. CoDz Forum Mobile App

    Sorry to announce folk's, the CoDz forum mobile app will soon be disappearing from the App store with Apple. It will still be available via tapatalk app but not as a standalone app. The costs for hosting, forum software, apps such as tapatalk etc. are expensive and we are not receiving the ad revenue that we once received. So we are cutting back on costs, as donations are scarce and everything is being paid out of our own pockets and i'm no longer putting the same amount of funds into the site to keep it going when ad revenue falls short of covering costs. Not because I don't have any love for the site, I just need my funds for other things at this time. So unfortunately, the CoDz app is no more as of today, sorry for the short notice.
  25. Medal Request Topic

    It's cool, it's not you it's me. Just been one of those days and unfortunately my frustration has been taken out on something stupid. I apologise, ignore that post I shouldn't have made it.