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    3 world wars? Or something?

    I only had a quick go on this so far but one of the things I heard was one of the characters (Nikolai?) saying something like "We were allies in all 3 world wars..." Sorry but I can't actually remember who said it and I didn't hear the response... Did anyone else hear this? I think Nikolai was talking to Richtofen. Did I hear it right? What are the implications for this? Were there three world wars in one of the zombies timelines? Were the wars fought between different sides?
  2. Or at least, isn't talked about as much as it should be (unless it is and I just missed it). The fact that all of the characters seem to be living in a perpetual time loop of some sort. It's made pretty clear in Mob Of The Dead that this is what is going on. But it's hinted at in Die Rise, too ... which I think is the most glaringly obvious clue which is not often discussed, despite the ramifications it seems to have on the whole story. I can't remember exactly how it goes, but basically in the intro you see the characters (all or just some? Can't remember) ripped apart by zombies. Then,the game starts and they are alive again. One of the characters speaks a line which is something along the lines of "It feels like we've been here before." So they all get killed and are then back to life again - they're stuck in a time loop just like MOTD's guys are. And that's how it works in ALL the Zombies maps (all video games in fact) - the heroes get ripped to pieces time and time again and then get to come back to life, unharmed, to have another crack at it, when the gamer restarts the game. Tie this together with the fact that, in some dimension at least,it seems like the whole Zombies universe is a child's game (Origins ending) and I think this is interesting food for thought, and probably a big hint about what Treyarch is doing with the overall storyline.
  3. PaulOfTheDead

    Tranzit hate???

    Well I never bought into the BO2 hype, for some reason wasn't really that bothered by it at the time, so wasn't aware of it supposed to be being a campaign or anything, perhaps that's why I absolutely love Tranzit. Ok it's not the best long-term map - once you worked out how everything fitted together with the fog and the teleporters and stuff, it got a bit bland, none of the clever level design of Die Rise, MOTD, Origins etc. But I loved the feeling i got from playing it when it first came out. It really felt like exploring the unknown, particularly because we didn't know the characters,or why we were here, or what had happened to the Original 4, and how they tied in to what was happening in Green Run. It was great fun bouncing around on the bus with a group of friends, trying to work out what was going on. I'd say the fact that the BO2 Zombies storyline never really satisfied those of us who wanted more of the time travelling adventures of Dempsey, Nikolai etc, was just as much a failing of the other BO2 Zombies maps as it was of Tranzit. Tranzit set the beginning of the story up nicely - it was Buried, MOTD or Origins which should have provided the payoff (although they were all excellent maps in their own right). Treyarch can still put everything right with BO3 though. If that nicely concludes our O4 storyline (in a way that blows our minds) then the post-apocalyptic adventures of the New 4 will just seem like an interesting interlude in the epic main storyline. Don't forget there are parts of the New 4 storyline which haven't been properly explained and might still be important to the story in BO3 Zombies - the real meaning of "mend the rift", the connection to MOTD, the flesh eating cult, most interestingly of all the fact that they seem to be living in a time loop - as shown in the intro to Die Rise.
  4. This is really great and I hope you are right. I love Lovecraft too, and the idea of bringing the mythos into the Zombies mythos is pretty cool. One thing though - where do you get your info on the Mi-Go's lack of ability to guess or make irrational decisions, and their connection to Jack the Ripper. I don't remember that from the Lovecraft tales though its been a while since I read a lot of them. Is it a later Mythos author? Only asking because if it is I'd like to check out their stuff! (Haven't read a lot of the non-Lovecraft Mythos stuff, mainly just a bit of Brian Lumley and Ramsey Campbell, oh and Neil Gaiman if his stuff counts). Personally I would love to see Satan returning from MOTD, and if he does it in the form of the Crawling Chaos, even better. Oh and after checking out the Mi-Go on Wikipedia I spotted one other clue that you might be thinking along the right lines - the Mi-Go's small wings are useless on Earth, because they are designed to carry the species through the "Aether" of outer space, apparently...
  5. PaulOfTheDead

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Says who? Where is the evidence in the game that this is true. Apologies if it is something I have missed but I played all the Zombies maps since WaW and I didn't notice Edward Bulwer-Lytton referenced. From what I can tell Agartha has nothing to do with Vril or the Vril-Ya. Again it might just be by poor memory but the only time I remember Vril being mentioned is the Vril device that was in a couple of maps. Once again, I say that this is no logical basis for assuming a fictional race known as Vril-Ya play any part in the story. Sorry but it's clearly a game. Everything about the hotch-potch construction of the story, taking liberally from all of the classic "pulp" genres to come up with a Frankenstein story, is PRECISELY what kids do. They make up rules on the spot, and they make storyline-shattering changes willy-nilly with no consideration for consistent plotline. The whole Zombies storylone portrays this perfectly. I think you are underestimating the imagination of children. And JFK had been elected - are you trying to suggest that the ending scene is not set in modern times? Look at their clothes and the syle of toys the children are playing with. Those certainly did not exist before JFK was elected. No one knows the meaning of that final line. It could be setting things up for a whole new zombies campaign across the next 6 years of Treyarch's COD releases. It could just be a final mindbending parting shot from the devs as a way of keeping us confused. Whatever, it is certainly no proof of Vril-Ya, underground railways, Pyramids being launched into the air, or a lot of the other stuff you mentioned.
  6. PaulOfTheDead

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    But nothing in the answers to my questions has actually been evidence. You can't just say "I can hear a train noise in the town so that is evidence there is a working underground railway in the town". That isn't evidence, sorry, it's pure speculation. Likewise everything about the Vril Ya, which, by the way, have not been "spun in mythology" ... they are the creation of one writer (why do you say "discoverer, whatever" - The Vril book is a work of fiction). Just because Treyarch used one reference to the book for one hidden item in an Easter Egg, does not mean that the Vril-Ya (a fictional race created for one novel in victorian times) are anything like as central to the plot of zombies as you make them out to be. Sorry, but to me (and most rational gamers I think) the Zombies storyline all springs from it being a game being played between two modern-era children still. The evidence for that IS there plainly for all to see, as opposed to your "evidence", which is pretty much all speculation.
  7. PaulOfTheDead

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Hi MurderMachineX, you have put an unbelievable amount of work into this and there are some great theories I never even considered here before. I have a few questions - and am interested in whether you included these elements because there is evidence in the game to back them up, or just because you thought it would fit in. what makes you think there is a working underground railway under Green Zone, and " very strange abominations that they kept in cages" under the town? Why do you think the Alcatraz warden invented Electric Cherry? How do you know that the inhabitants of Agartha are called the Vril Ya? As far as I recall, there is a "vril device" in the game but no reference to the Vril Ya (which were a fictional alien race from a totally different story). Where do you get this from? I remember the pyramid on the moon (MPD) but not one in space, or anything about them being "launched into the sky". Do you have any sources/evidence that this happened? Also are you aware that two of those countries didn't even exist between 1118 and 1312? So, to say someone is "American" or "German" in that time period doesn't make sense. This is something that happened in our world - where is the evidence that this happened in the zombies storyline? No one mentions such a book, and, as I said before, unless I missed something, the Vril-Ya are not mentioned in the Zombies universe whatsoever? There doesn't seem to be any evidence for this in the game whatsoever. What makes you think that freeing herself from Agartha would make her become a god? (ps just a punctuation tip - you don't capitalize the word "god" unless you are talking about The God, as in the one monotheistic deity of Christianity/Islam/Judaism etc. If you are just talking about "a god" that is one of many i.e Zeus, Thor etc) it's lower-case "god".Sorry I teach English and can't help pointing these things out sometimes). How on earth would anyone send an email in 1955? Where is there evidence that oppenheimer is involved in the zombies story? I don't remember any mention of this in the games. Why does your timeline start at the beginning , carry on through history and then go back to World War One? If you are writing this in a chronological order which seems to be the case, surely the events of World War One should be right at the start (before the description of what goes on in MOTD). Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed reading your timeline article, and you did a good job of putting some of the basic details into the right order, but I think there is a lot more work needed before it comes close to being an evidence-based theory rather than just "What I think happened".

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