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  1. No wonder nobody plays this...

    You are correct sir. I've never really enjoyed Moon so I guess I can't agree with you except for the fact that Moon was a pain in the ass at times for me, just was so annoying having the space guy taking my Jugg then me having to wait 2 go's of the teleporter to get it back (that's if I don't go down beforehand). But yeah, not worth it.

    TranZit is like most comedy films, great trailer but the final product is disappointing with only a few good spots here and there. Ok, maybe that was a terrible analogy, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this is an absolute atrocious map and everybody else sees this too.
  3. No wonder nobody plays this...

    Well for maybe the 2nd time ever I decided to play Borough Grief, and now I realized that it is so ridiculously easy that it will definitely be the last. Where the hell do I begin? Buildables? *Facepalm* A million different camping spots Ray Gun Mark II and Paralyzer, really? Glitch, after glitch, after glitch. Did I say buildables? The fact that the map for Grief is so damn big Buildables... This map for Grief is terrible. Thanks Treyarch. Uhh... Rant over.
  4. Hey Guys

    So before you continue to read on, this isn't an introduction, it's really just a return I've decided to make to the CoDZ forums. It's been roughly 8 months since I last posted and one day I spared a thought at home about these forums and decided to become an active member again. Things have changed since I made my first Introduction on here (which can be found here: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/155979-hello-everyone/ **CHEAP PLUG ALERT**) but I am excited to come back and read the forums again (and especially hearing about the affiliation with GameStop) so I might as well get to the point and give you guys some details about me. IRL name is Jared, hence the Jarhead username. I'm 18 years old. I live in Queensland, Australia. I've been playing Basketball for about 7 years now and I am an absolute sports fanatic. I have World At War, BO1 and BO2 plus all map packs for both Black Ops games Anyway enough with my boring story, time for me to go and post EDIT: I feel I might add this in just for the hell of it, but I brought an Elgato Game Capture HD from Amazon a couple of days ago and I'm looking to possibly start up a live stream or something of that nature just to see how everything goes. I see there are some tools to help gain awareness to your channel on the main page. Personally I think it's a pretty good idea.
  5. It's nice after work when I can just sit on my couch and come on the CoDz forums. Except when I'm always complaining my legs are sore because I work at KFC and my job requires to stand for 5 hours.

    1. Boom115


      Hook me up with some biscuits.

  6. What are you listening right now?

    What Song am I listening to right now? Whatever AC/DC song comes on.
  7. The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    So I can get my post count up without feeling bad? If not I can probably advertise kitchens, that seems to be the trend on this site.