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  1. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    Personally I disagree with the notion that they wouldn't put a storyline EE in it because some people might not get the season pass. It may not have one(storyline EE), and if it does it may not have an effect on another map but I see no reason why Treyarch wouldn't put it in because some people didn't buy the season pass...I mean any serious Zombie player who cares about the storyline is going to get every map pack anyway(so you may as well save $10 and get the Giant) and if they don't get them all then they are missing out on the story anyway. If anything putting a cool EE in it could move more Season Passes. Unless I'm missing something... That being said I'm not sold on there being more, and there very well could be nothing more, I just seem to see this opinion that because everyone doesn't have The Giant they wouldn't put in a large EE and like I said I don't really get that sentiment, everyone has the opportunity to buy The Giant just the same as we can buy the rest of the maps