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  1. 2nd Tower Orb Glowing (Tutorial and Proof)

    Hi, Im new, long time stalker first time register. I know your all talking about the clock thing, I just want to take it back to the orbs a second. My co-op partner and I have not started the easter egg yet, my partner built the nav card table in solo but it didnt stick (we found the board in our next game) To confirm this I went into theatre mode to check the table, got rid of the fog after the power was on and returned to the pylon which had two glowing red orbs on it (so facing Nacht top left lit, middle empty, bottom right lit) but no electricity running through the center. I took a screen capture. I went back in the history a few games and loaded up a previous game of tranzit, once the power was on I did the no fog trick, again went back to the pylon and there were no lights on it. I am not sure what was acomplished to get these lights to activate, neither of us have the achievement for completing a side of the easter egg. Im pretty sure that without the fog on I could also see the same pylon from the middle of town with a red light on it (I looked down the dead end next to the bowling alley). If this doesnt make sence, dismiss it. I dont wanna waste anyones time Lou