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  1. The Missing Steps: What we were missing

    I've made topics and said this many times before but i guess people just choose to ignore me and instead go after crazy theories. The only reason we were able to progress in easter eggs and not get into the situation we are in now is because we had context. We knew what step 1 was and it helped us understand step 2. So many people just keep adding all these theories and dead ends and then getting really disappointed when it doesn't go anywhere, but nobody stops to think about the fact that maybe we are doing the right stuff, just in the wrong order. It would be like one of us discovering what the last step was. So what? Doesn't mean anything if we don't know what's inbetween. And i also think this whole clock thing is bullshit but that's just me.
  2. Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    Why are those zombies even there at the beginning? Like 4 random zombies, just standing there -docile.
  3. 2nd Tower Orb Glowing (Tutorial and Proof)

    The most polite 'Shut the fuck up' i've ever seen!
  4. BirdDog Dan Tranzit EE next step train station |Update|

    That's because it is unfinished. I'm sorry but anyone who says otherwise is ignorant. You could completely ignore the TOB achievement EE and still do the stuff with the NavCard and hear what Richtofen has to say about it. We're all grasping at straws because (and this is only my theory) it's difficult to know what the 'next step' is if you don't even know what step you're on.