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  1. The first time i saw this i thought, Kino Remake?! Lol but then i started thinking it could be plausible, think about it, they could open up the entire outside potion where you normally cannot get to, hide buildables throughout the mess of the theater, I do not think the next map will be this however, but it is a cool idea.
  2. Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    Im pretty sure this has been tested but, jet gun on the trains? Maybe MMS on trains??
  3. Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    I should also mention that when i got the beams of purple light to appear at the laundry doors, the street lights had the purple sparkles around it
  4. Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    This worked for me as well except i have done Richtofen's side and I had me and a friend shoot the handles of the laundry matt at the same time, and the first time, a purple light came out of his door. The next time we did this, a few rounds later, the light came out of my door. I was positioned at the door closer to the bar, and my friend was next to the mystery box.