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  1. CoDz official Die Rise general feedback and first impression

    Well here's my opinion on Great Leap Forward and Die Rise (and just to be clear i consider myself a very good zombies player and have been playing since WaW) -- -First impression: Wow this map is huge. Lots of doors and alot of ways to get everywhere. The rooms are all very small and with all the junk rape-training is gonna be extremely difficult. The mysterious box has yet to be touched by me, as i can never find it and when i do i never have enough money. Over-all the map looks good and very well designed. -Thoughts after playing it for a few hours: I honestly don't like this map. At all really. It's almost impossible to upgrade, as the PaP is on an elevator and every time i've tried to PaP the elevator left with my fucking gun. Who's Who was a GREAT idea and i really like the perk. I'm very glad they put it in. The map design itself makes everything a hassle, because basically if you move you'll get stuck on something, and if you get down, there's no chance your buddy will be able to get you unless he's right next to you. Getting around the map sucks too because there are way too many doors, which drains your funds, and you have to wait for an elevator to go anywhere else (which takes fucking forever). Getting perks isn't too bad, but it takes a while to get enough money and find the elevators that they're on. The Sliquifier is a good gun, much much more useful than the jet gun. The box is still untouched by me, mainly because i never live long enough to use it. In EE terms, i've decided to figure it out by myself and not look up tutorials so i still have to attempt that too, but what i can tell its more in depth than the Green Run EE, which im glad about. Now the elevators. They piss me off. Now, they are a good idea, but i think they need to tweek them a bit. Like for the PaP elevator it shouldn't move when you have a gun PaP'ing. The perk elevators should switch floors a bit faster, because i can't even tell you the amount of times i've died waiting to get jug or something. Other than that, i think the elevators were an excellent idea. I'm also very glad they put in the PDW. It's a great points gun and it's good up til round 20 unPaP'd. One more thing i hate is the nova jumper's. They constantly trap me in corners in the most BS ways, and it takes like half a clip to kill them. Also, they have 0 time between their slaps, so i get down in seconds half the time (i have the jug persistent upgrade). They need to be slowed down a bit, and their health needs to be slightly decreased. The last thing i'm kind of disappointed in is the lack of buildables. The trample steam is cool and the sliquifier is dead-helpful, but i enjoyed finding the parts in tranzit and building the stuff. Oh, and i am SO GLAD that they put mule kick in this map. I missed you baby c: So basically, if Treyarch tweeked the PaP elevator and the nova jumpers' health this would be a very nice map, but until then I'm ranking it next to shangri-la (very good theory, but poor in practice)
  2. Double Tap 2?

    thats because when you ADS the shot is more accurate. Try backing up farther and shooting down sights. It always shoots two bullets. :)
  3. I don't buy this Die Rise talk...

    DIE RISE -- probably referencing two things. 1. Zombies die, then rise. 2. Possibly referencing Der Riese, just as a little homage. Or something. And also, I heard this map is in New York City. I know it's not set-in-stone as the only information given out was the map name but I can see it happening. I'm almost sure that's not the case with all the talk about Paris and all that so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  4. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    This is an absolutely amazing post. I can't tell you how many times I've searched for the whole story line and come up with a half-assed description. Thank you very much! On the constructive criticism side, It seemed that the farther along you went, it slowly turned from a story line into a description of how to do the Easter Eggs. Cheers, ZM12
  5. Hello Everybody

    Hey, I'm zombieman12. I'm introducing myself a tad bit late as I've just noticed the introduction section, but better late than never! Anyway, I hope to help make this community a better place, as I've noticed the TranZit section is a disaster at the moment, what with everybody flipping out over whether or not theres more to the EE. Regards, ZM12
  6. The Missing Steps: What we were missing

    maybe this is what JZ meant when he said that thing about no zeros being left, because everyone was doing the EE in the wrong order and once you start it you cant restart?
  7. Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    What if for the hand that continually moves you put a turbine on the bus, since it contiuously moves around the map?