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  1. Treyarch hinting at another EE step

    What do you mean it has the same formula? Anyway, this is a great idea. Someone should definitely try this. Also, I feel like the Jet Gun has something more to do with the EE as it's barely used.
  2. Denizens of the Forest theory.

    Maybe the Denizens are babies, and are practically a fresh batch so they don't resemble much decay yet? I know it's kind of stupid, but it makes sense considering their size, but babies don't fly, teleport, or crawl underground.
  3. Zombies sold separate...?

    I should have worded that better, I don't dislike the campaign, it's just I could do without it. And the it does confuse me to no point, I played BO1 campaign and was lost almost the whole time. I guess I could have payed a bit more attention.
  4. I love zombies, a lot, but there is one thing I have to complain about. I don't like the campaign, OR the multiplayer. Is anyone else with me on this? I was thinking they could sell zombies separate for 30 dollars or so, and the DLC would be half off for just the zombies map. I know a handful of people that would agree with me on this as well. I know they would probably never do this, but it would be completely amazing. Just wanted to see your opinions on this.