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  1. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    48 Solo, It gets real easy once you have the things you need. Cafeteria with shield, the Upgraded acidgat, afterlife, and the acid trap, make this make this map super easy once you have the things built. The only problem with me was Brutis, I had no trouble with him until round 48..... Attract the zombies inside the acid trap using the acidgat upgrae and the activate it, killing an entire wave plus those trying to come in, making it more like a wave and a half. On top of that having the golden spork is essential when playing solo. 1 hit kill until round 32 means that you can clear any zombies that trap you. Speaking of being trapped with the New acid Withering gun, electric cherry, and riot shield, you have near invincibility if you are trapped. In a corner if your trapped the riotshield protects your back, the electric cherry stuns them, the withering causes them to go away, and the spork is used to get rid of the zombie right in front of you. My personal fave map.
  2. New map is in Japan

    Wow nice, could you post these cords? I don't quite remember seeing those on the forum, probably just missed them. If you were to most them that would be awesome.
  3. WTF ?! [ glitch, non ee related ]

    I don't see this being anything more then a glitch. If this were something that could at least be easily replicated then it would be a possible step. But because this seems to be a strange glitch I don't see it being anything of use.
  4. Will anything happen tonight? 21/12/12?!

    They should definitely do something, I'm almost certain at least something small will happen. Maybe will give us some DLC info maybe will update the map enough for us to continue the easter egg. Who knows its Treyarch they could do anything.
  5. Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    Well let's let again go through the steps that could lead to the lights affecting things. We need to try all the buildables. Or rather the only two I think have any plausibility are the electric trap and the shield. The turbine to has a chance of doing something but that has already bin disproved along with the jetgun. There is no way this is just something random, it is directly related to the easter egg and is only accessible after the completion of it that on its own should be reason enough to believe that there is more.
  6. What gun is in your fridge?

    No M1911s Anyways I put in a PAP AK47u because I like that gun.