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  1. Mattzs

    Voyage of Despair

    I understand that any future replies may take a bit. The feeling when you are done with exams is so refreshing. It is best to just relax after all that work. Anyway, your comment about Egyptian curses has me wondering. I am curious if any of the Titanic’s notable passengers were also connected to Egyptology. It would fit the era. The conspiracy theory you mentioned is really fascinating! A quick google search found some information about the Unlucky Mummy being the cause. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unlucky_Mummy I was trying to figure out how these two maps would tie together. I thought it would be through general themes (e.g. important historical events/place). But this connection is concrete. Good find! Gettig back to @Lenne's question, I think there is an important bit of lore in the cinematic. Shaw mentions Scarlet’s father “made some enemies during his travels” when the cultist appears on the screen. I am guessing that must make her father an archaeologist, explorer, or treasure hunter. I imagine he will play an important role in the story. Maybe we are trying to find him? One last thing, Shaw’s facial scarring is interesting. You can see the scars at 1:22 in the trailer. It looks very necrotic. Is he infected or partially infected?
  2. Mattzs

    Bloody teleporters

    I just finished ElectricJesus’ Quantum Souls Theory and I am ready to go down the rabbit hole again. That is very true. It does match up with the description of the Dark Aether being “beneath creation”. One could interpret that to mean the afterlife. It reminds me of when we discussed AetherialVoices' Aetherial Multiverse Theory in the thread I made a while back. It was the thread about Monty being the Dark Aether. If the Dark Aether is truly the opposite of the Aether, then it being the afterlife doesn’t seem too farfetched. Also, I am interested in what you make of all of this.
  3. Interesting theory! The consciousness jumping reminds me of the anime Steins;Gate. Your theory accounts for why the Primis Crew started to have memories of their other lives. It could be their consciousness starting to bleed over. You got me thinking. Maybe the insurance policy was actually Primis stealing the souls of Ultimis? That is why Monty had to banish them instead of erasing them. It would also explain how they arrive in the Hellish version of Mob of the Dead as they were sent to the Afterlife. You also raise a good point about Souls being separate to one’s Lifeforce. For example, I know in Greek and Egyptian mythology there is a concept that one’s consciousness/personality is separate from their life-force. I’m sure this belief extends beyond Classical and Egyptian mythology too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Egyptian_concept_of_the_soul Ka and Ba being a prime example. There is one question I have. Do you think the Multiverse was created from the events taking place during Moon? The achievement was called Big Bang Theory.
  4. Mattzs

    Did Blundell Just Kill Zombies?

    I was trying to figure out the identity of the man in the Colosseum as well. I think having the map take place in 9 AD is fitting, but I don’t know if it is Caesar Augustus. The man in the mask seemed different. Excluding symbols like the Eagle and the Scarab, the markings on his dress seemed intentionally out of place and time. Before they confirmed it was Rome, I was thinking it was a Rome-like civilization that is pulling combatants from space and time. Now I think it is either alternate history or altered history. If it is alternate history, then I would say that the story will follow a universe where this cult and zombies have become commonplace in history. If it is altered history, then I would guess that the cultists are fellow time travelers trying to alter the course of human history. Although, I am not sure how that fits into the sinking of the Titanic. It could be unrelated. Or, maybe they wanted it to sink? It would a fun Easter Egg to actually save the Titanic. I really like that Treyarch is trying to tie zombies back into history, mythology, and conspiracy again. Although the BOIII zombie maps took place between 1930 and 1950, I got the sense that history was just the backdrop for the story. I hope they tie the mythos back to history and not overwrite history. Also- Good luck on your exams! Haha. I saw Revelations more as Satan versus aliens. Aside from possibly Doom, I cannot think of another work of fiction that has done something to this caliber. The Devil versus aliens fits the themes of zombies too. We have the interaction between the supernatural and science fiction. We also have the conflict being evil versus evil (or in this case, the literal embodiment of evil).
  5. Mattzs

    Did Blundell Just Kill Zombies?

    Sounds interesting! I will have to check it out. I could definitely see the voice being an Oracle or Fortune Teller. It fits the theme of IX being a variant of Rome. Plus, didn't Oracles use gas vents to divine messages from the gods? It is similar to how the new heroes inhale a strange mist to travel to Zombie-Cult Rome. I hope you are three for three!
  6. Mattzs

    Did Blundell Just Kill Zombies?

    Haha, you should guess some lottery numbers. Before black Ops IV comes out, why not reveal the identity of your Oracle? My guesses for the disembodied female voice in the trailer are: An older Samantha Dolos from Nightmares The Lady of the House from Buried-I know it is not at all likely. I just wanted a 3rd person for the sake of randomly guessing the identity. I feel the same way. The story may be a separate universe, a new section of the multiverse, or maybe even the universe before the current zombies' universe (if you really want to go crazy). Regardless, I think it will still stay within the zombies canon. I even think Nightmares has some connection. Although some have speculated that Blood of the Dead takes place before Revelations, I want to say that it takes actually place after it. Mob of the Dead's central motif of damnation would fit the theme of Revelation's ending. It would also explain why Primis is out of commission for BOIV. They are lost in the afterlife, trying to break the cycle. Having the Primis crew "move on" lets a new group of heroes pick up their mantle, while simultaneously saving Primis for the next layer of the story. If this is the case, then I would speculate that the new protagonists' story will explore loose ends in the zombie storyline.
  7. Mattzs

    Bloody teleporters

    I think there is a lot of evidence supporting it. If I am understanding this correctly: All of the portals that we travel through are fixed/ naturally occurring spots in the universe. Any attempt to manipulate the direction of the teleporters results in disaster for humans. Absolute Zero doesn’t exist in reality because that would mean no matter. Thus, the point of absolute zero exists outside of reality (space/time) This place of nothingness could be where Heaven/Afterlife/Hell are If one were to travel to this place, they wouldn’t exist in the material sense The only thing left would be something that transcends time and space Something Like a soul? This would explain the widespread use of souls as a power source in zombies. It is the only thing stable enough to survive matter transference Anyway, that is my two cents. Thanks for the fascinating read!
  8. Mattzs

    Did Blundell Just Kill Zombies?

    I'm not sure. The statement was "a Brand New Storyline. Separate and distinct from the Aether story line", right? I feel that is ambiguous enough to mean that the new story is unrelated to the quests of Victis, Primis, and Ultimis. It does not mean a whole new series. Edit- Just thought about some connections. In the IX trailer, the robes look like they contain Apothicon symbols among a variety of other mythological/religious symbols. In the Voyage of Despair trailer, it looks like the new crew has vials of Divinium. Not to mention the pneumatic tubes gave me a Monty's Gumball Factory Vibe. The Cult the new heroes are chasing throughout time could be the Cult of Flesh. I was also wondering if they are from Dimension 63. Their story could be them trying to avert the assimilation of their universe from the Apothicons.
  9. Mattzs


    @anonymousI’m really sorry. I did not realize I had this notification. A quick glance over my email notification settings revealed why I was unaware for this long. I tend to not stay logged in on websites too. This was my fault! Hopefully replying late is better than never. Plus, I don’t think anyone on the Codz Forums would be bothered by some thread necromancy. My games list for 2018- 1. Call of Duty Black Ops 4- I really hope that they take note of Sledgehammer’s take on Zombies. Although I do not have Cod WWII, I appreciated Sledgehammer’s efforts to place their zombie story within history, mythology, and conspiracy theories. I would love to see Treyarch go back to their roots for the next zombie installment! It is the perfect time considering 2018 will be the 10 year anniversary of World at War. Speaking of anniversary… 2. World at War Remaster- I am optimistic that we will see a remake in a similar manner to Modern Warfare remastered. As silly as it sounds, I would like another update of the four classic zombie maps. I think this may be part of the reason why Chronicles left out the WAW guns. 3. World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth- Don’t let Call of Duty know I am cheating. When I am not investing time into Zombie Lore, I am probably reading up on Warcraft Lore. And so, I am looking forward to the new expansion coming this year. New races, new continents, new stories, and new dinosaurs. For the Alliance! 4. Pokemon for Nintendo Switch- A main series Pokemon game will be released for the first time on a Nintendo console. Pokemon is one of my favorite game series. I cannot wait for this game’s release. I am hoping for more character customization and the ability to go to more than one region. Most of all, I hope it is open-world. Maybe Breath of the Wild was a tease for what is to come! 5. Smash Brothers for Switch- The potential that the upcoming game might not be a Wii-U port has me hyped. I really hope they keep all the characters from the Wii-U version and bring back some more Veterans (Ice Climbers and Snake) and more third party reps. I would also like to see another story mode like Subspace Emissary. I think this year’s E3 will be a blast!
  10. Mattzs

    Is Monty the Dark Aether?

    I always appreciate a Richtofen quote! The post you mentioned sounds really interesting! I will give it a look. I do have one question though. Are the Aether and the Dark Aether truly polar opposites? As I was typing the previous post, I started to think that even though the Aether is not bound by space and time like our world, it still exists in the physical multiverse. I started to equate life with the material world, as creation is a physical thing. So it’s polar opposite would be death and an immaterial world. I think the closest we have gotten to the Dark Aether was MotD. The MotD placement on the timeline is isolated and the exact time/place is listed as “???”. This made me think it was the death as the “other can of worms” Monty was talking about. The time line comes from the kronorium, correct? That is how it is able to log all the time ways. It exists at a vantage point higher than ours. Therefore, it should place the time/location of MotD. Otherwise, MotD must exist even out of the reach of the Aether. I know Richtofen is the one viewing the kronorium, but the fact that he does not know about the specifics of MotD means Monty is hiding something sinister. Although all of my musings assume there is nothing higher than the Aether. Or that the Aether is a catch-all for every dimension beyond man’s understanding. Lastly, as for why the Mexican tribes worshiped the Dark Aether, I am sure we can ask Mictlantecuhtli or the MotD crew.
  11. Mattzs

    How the Aether could be Hollow Earth

    Exactly! I think the easiest explanation would be that the Earth formed with 115 at the core. It would also help break the Apothicon-grandfather-paradox from Revelations. In the original timeline humans breached the core and came in contact with the Apothicons. It could have been some ancient civilization, the Vril-Ya (if they are not already the keepers), the Illuminati, Group 935, the Nazis, or Brock and Gary. This first contact started the never ending cycle of the Apothicons seeding Earth for assimilation. An interesting thought- if all the 115 from the core of the Earth dissipates into the Aether, then that should leave one with a hollow earth, right? I had another idea, but it slipped my mind. I hope it comes back. I thought it was a good thought too!
  12. Mattzs

    Is Monty the Dark Aether?

    Thank you! Glad you liked the idea. @anonymous I agree with you, the Aether has to be a location. Too much of the story points in that location (pun intended). Monty could be an Aethereal being instead. However, a quick Wikipedia search does yield an interesting description of the Aether (when describing it as a place). Under the mythology section of the Aether (Classical element) it reads “The word αἰθήρ (aithēr) in Homeric Greek means "pure, fresh air" or "clear sky". In Greek mythology, it was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space where they lived, analogous to the air breathed by mortals.[4] It is also personified as a deity, Aether, the son of Erebus and Nyx in traditional Greek mythology.[4][5] Aether is related to αἴθω "to incinerate",[6] and intransitive "to burn, to shine" (related is the name Aithiopes (Ethiopians; see Aethiopia), meaning "people with a burnt (black) visage")” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aether_(classical_element) When Talking about how the Apohticons feed on energy Monty says "Energy is a rather broad term. It may be better to explain it as the spark of life, the purest form of energy that ever existed". Monty's description of energy sounds a lot like the quote above. Plus it explain why he would refer to 115 as Divinium. But what does this have to do with your question? I think the answer is that the Dark Aether is something entirely different from the Aether. Perhaps it is death? Monty does say the Afterlife is "a whole other can of worms" and mentions death is distinct from the Aether. So playing with the idea that the Aether is purity and life, the Dark Aether would be corruption and death. If I really wanted to stretch this dichotomy, I think it could lead somewhere interesting. As we have already stated, the Aether is a physical place governed by physics (in the sense that its behavior is mathematically explainable). The exact opposite of this would be a spiritual realm, not governed by science, but the supernatural. The Dark Aether could be the Afterlife? Monty could even originate from somewhere else. Excluding the weird perk machine shenanigans, I would be willing to bet Monty’s true power rests in the afterlife.
  13. In an interview, Blundell mentioned they had mapped the entirety of Alcatraz. My guess would be a Traznit 2.0 featuring Victis. Maybe you explore more of Alcatraz and move from section to section. The only thing I wonder about is if the map will "real" Alcatraz or Purgatory Alcatraz like in MotD. The timeline shows the events of MotD happening elsewhere, perhaps even in the afterlife. So that would mean the Victis crew would have to be sent to the afterlife first. Bonus points if the Easter Egg involves breaking/interfering with the cycle of the MotD crew.
  14. I have been toying around with this theory for a while now. I just posted it on the Codz reddit, but I feel it also belongs on Codz. I believe this quote from the Zombie Chronicles timeline gives an interesting hint towards the true nature of Monty and the Shadowman. “In the beginning, there was only the Aether and the Keepers. Among them were two beings who would later be known by many names. One would be known as Doctor Monty and the other as the Shadowman” The second line appears to indicate Monty and the Shadowman were former keepers; the “among them” meaning “among the keepers”. However, if the second sentence only refers to the keepers, then it is awkwardly placed. The previous sentence sets the Aether and the Keepers as the subjects. Unless the author makes an explicitly transition, the next sentence should still follow through with the subject of the Aether and the Keepers. Simply put, if the sentence refers to the keepers, it should have read “Among the Keepers…”. The current phrasing is a bit ambiguous. Therefore, what if the “among them” actually refers to among “the keepers and the Aether”. I know the Aether is thought to be a place, but what if it also sentient? In Greek Mythology the Aether is a deity and a place, just like Tartarus. All of this leads me to believe that Monty is the Aether or specifically, the embodiment of the Dark Aether. If this is true, then it tells us more about the relationship between Monty and the Apothicons. I think the Keepers were the first beings in the universe to sell their soul to the Devil. Monty corrupted the Keepers and made them his first servants. The Shadowman could have been an enforcer of Monty’s will, a sort of Mephistopheles-like character collecting souls for Monty. That would explain why Monty refers to the Shadowman as a “good friend”. Furthermore, the Shadowman also wears the Mark of the Beast on his suit. A sign of his former allegiance, perhaps? However, at some point the Apothicons realized they were duped and rebelled from Monty. Now their goal is to stop all sentient life from making pacts with Monty. That is why Monty has such a disdain for the Apothicons and wants to rid them from the universe. The Apothicons know all of his tricks. TL;DR- Monty is the Dark Aether and Corrupted the Keepers into the Apothicons. They were his first victims and servants. At some point, the rebelled. Now, the Apothicons consume all worlds to stop sentient life from selling their souls to Monty. edit- added tl;dr
  15. Mattzs

    How the Aether could be Hollow Earth

    I always thought there was some type of gateway at the earth's core, but I think your theory really sells the idea. Essentially, at the core of Earth is one big natural MTD; a chunk of element 115 that displaces itself into Agatha. I guess my question would be if you think this chunk of 115 naturally developed as earth formed or was placed there by the Apothicons. I know Monty mentions the Apothicons seeding planets with 115.

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