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  1. What about origins should stay?

    An easter egg that might just as well be done on solo (even though this was one was a real pain to do solo) and cheaper doors when playing solo.
  2. To be fair there were some quotes in the TranZit sound files that pointed to Richtofen having killed off the rest of the O4 back at moon... What I've been hoping for ever since Richtofen got in that MPD was an internal fight between Richtofen, the rational doctor who started working for Group 935 to help people, and his evil side, AKA 'the voices', which are probably Vril souls or something. I've always liked Richtofen's schizophrenia and the fact that everything he did was predestined as the voices told him what to do whenever something needed to be done. Just my two cents. I feel like this is a trump card they never even played anymore post BO1. Though I had this theory that the 'static' (I really can't find a better word for it) Samuel would here back in Die Rise were the voices in Richtofen's head going via Richtofen to Samuel in a sort of voice-ception.
  3. A place to post ANY Tranzit ideas left over for undiscoverd egg(s)

    I really don't see any correlation between day and Samuel... Could you please clarify? Perhaps give some sources or something?
  4. A place to post ANY Tranzit ideas left over for undiscoverd egg(s)

    Yeah, every piece of information can be valuable, but of course it's best if it's supported with videographical evidence
  5. A place to post ANY Tranzit ideas left over for undiscoverd egg(s)

    Possibly. Location-wise I'd think of Nacht Der Untoten when it comes to 'not feeding the zombies'   There's certainly more significance to it. I mean, NDU is in Germany, yet it appears in the USA in Green Run. Why? Okay, I get that Treyarch might've wanted to give us a little nudge, like hey, guess what we brought back, but somehow it seems more likely that Richtofen has something to do with NDU's presence, thus it might have something to do with the EE's continuation.   Commitment. Is that what you meant, Jimmy? Stay committed, not only to Richtofen/Maxis, but perhaps to the entire zombie franchise, by looking back into where it all began?
  6. A place to post ANY Tranzit ideas left over for undiscoverd egg(s)

    That would require all players to be down at the same time though, which would end the game...   There's been so many occasions on which I thought I'd found a possible next step throughout all of BO2. First when Die Rise got the update and got a switch. I thought maybe importing an SVU would do something significant, because Maxis had told us 'to hold on to this gun'.   Then the RGmII became available in every map, and with its ability to shoot through walls I thought it was clear it would somehow be able to set the EE's continuation in motion, but so far we haven't found anything.   The nav card was my last resort then. Or after pushing the button in Buried, I thought maybe this will unlock something new. But still nothing.   But yes, I agree, TranZit has so many elements that aren't really used during the EE which bugs me a lot, because Treyarch always makes sure new elements are incorporated in the Easter Egg progress. I just wish for one more hint from the producers, but the fact they haven't given one yet after all this time makes me think we've actually found all there is...   I'll keep searching though
  7. A place to post ANY Tranzit ideas left over for undiscoverd egg(s)

    Also going back to 'the alternate way out instead of dying'. Die Rise does something similar actually. Russman dies. The other three characters too. Richtofen revived them. I'm thinking along those lines for TranZit too.   Either way, there's not really an ending to TranZit. They just teleported to Die Rise, but naturally something must've happened after ToB, right? After Die Rise they just left the building and travelled for weeks/months/idk until they got to the rift, but the transition from Green Run to Die Rise doesn't seem quite natural.
  8. A place to post ANY Tranzit ideas left over for undiscoverd egg(s)

    Hmmm... When talking about being killed I automatically think of the Tombstone perk. To be fair, it was a new addition to TranZit, probably meant to avoid having to navigate throughout the whole map upon going down/dying but it might as well have some utility towards a potential easter egg.   Heck, maybe that's even what Jimmy meant with wait the appropriate amount of time: Until the patch that unlocked the persistent tombstone effect. I know I'm thinking waaaaay out of the box now, but we don't have many possibilities left... But then what would Jimmy have meant with 'points, or whatever you call them', if he isn't referring to DLC... I think I'll look into it some more.
  9. More easer egg fails/glitches

    The feels are real... It's a very tedious EE and I, too, have been on 1925G for a looooooooooong time before I finally completed it...   My biggest fail when I was just running around, suddenly fell through the map and died instantly and trust me, that's a pain, especially if you had already picked up your One Inch Punch...   No idea what could've caused your glitch tho...
  10. A place to post ANY Tranzit ideas left over for undiscoverd egg(s)

    Context: someone asked for a riddle, hoping it would help us to solve the EE Date: 14 January 2014   Source: 
  11. A place to post ANY Tranzit ideas left over for undiscoverd egg(s)

    I'm still stuck on this riddle by Jimmy Zielinski:   "it may be points, or whatever you call them. Wait the appropriate amount of time, then continue to work."   What does it mean exactly? This is probably the biggest Jimmy's given us but I just can't figure it out, even after all these months. I had been playing with the idea that the RGmII might be necessary for the EE, but I haven't found anything, so I dismissed the idea..