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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    ..hey guys..i have been thinking if it would be great to have a zombie map dedicated to Night Of The Living Dead movie...any zombie fan knows (not only BO zombie fan) that modern zombies started with George A. Romero idea of zombies eating human brains and flesh...it could be one off map like Call Of The Dead with 4 new characters specific for that map...it could start on the cemetery with zombies coming out from the graves...there also be the house where they where hiding, pump (the small petrol station), just the things you find in that movie.. did you also notice that the nerdy guy from the BO zombie trailer looks a bit like the guy from the movie...Johny is his name..glasses, watch and pens in his shirt pocket... zombies in this map should be afraid of fire and could use rocks or table legs or human parts to break stuff... also i have another idea for a map..again inspired by George A. Romero movie Dawn Of The Dead...located in shopping mall...4 characters: pregnant woman - Francine, black guy - Peter and two white guys Stephen and Roger...you should be able access the roof where you find the helicopter which if you buy it will take you to the area where the big trucks are..it would be awesome if you could drive the truck and use it to run over zombies or block some doors with it..but be careful because if you stop for too long zombies will get in and eat you...or if you drive for too long you will run out of gas...also every 5 - 7 rounds Raiders would spawn...instead of hellhounds...first they would be weak and small in numbers..using only their fists or knives to attack you...in higher rounds they would use guns against you..of course in the end of Raiders round you would get a max ammo...