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  1. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    44 co-op. I really don't try to get to high rounds on kino. I dunoo why guess i'm just a lazy pig :)
  2. Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    i'm gonna agree with a lot of people and say that it's from the ray gun
  3. What do you think?

    It blew my freaking mind! and thats's just an understatement. I loved the rpeview so much I literally watched it for about two hours over and over again. I love what you guys are doing and I am a huge fan carbon. Can't wait for the 26th to have a huge zombiegasm! keep it up!
  4. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    I love this idea to the fullest
  5. I only have one thing that I truly hate and that's when randoms try to teach you how to play the game. It is annoying
  6. Zombie Suggestions

    well i did'nt think this idea was worthy of this thread but hey, ima go for it! How about the ability of shooting while dolphin diving. think about it, you're on zombies with other guys you have the mustang & sally with phd flopper, you dive off of a fairly high window or something and shooting your mustang & sally killing zombies and making crawlers. then you finally finish them off with the explosion from phd flopper. hoe would this make the game any better you ask? i have no idea but it would kind of a cool thing to have don't you think?
  7. Your Biggest Fears For Black Ops II

    one on of my biggest fears for BO2 are the double tap zombies. i mean come on, zombies can't hit you in .00000001 seconds :evil:
  8. Zombie Suggestions

    sorry dude but this really isnt the post to be posting things like this. you could post this in the off topic section if you could but i dont think people would appreciate it if you were to just go to forums and ask for video games. but still i'll give you a healthy serving of interenet bacon enjoy :D
  9. Zombie Suggestions

    this is my trap idea. i forgot the name of it but it is simply a platform that when activated, it rises and crushes any zombies on it into the cieling, of course it would have to be very huge or it would only be a waste to only get 3-4 zombies with it.