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  1. Fattening up Zombies

    As most of you know Black Ops 2 will have a Zombies mode with many new features such as campaign, new game modes, bigger maps, (possibly) Double PaP. Now this might seem like a cool edition to Zombies but, to hundreds if not thousands of people in the community wouldn't like this to happen. Think about how much the game would change if this happened. The reason bigger maps would be a problem is 1. Perks more spread out so juggernog is far away. 2. Teammate is more than likely away from you harder to revive. 3. Harder to find power and box. New game modes, most likely people will play these at the beginning and begin to gravitate away from them after they play them for a week or so, which isn’t a problem but, why make it then. Double PaP it wouldn’t make much sense to implement this seeing as though it would 1. Probably be very expensive. 2. Be difficult to get to. 3 May not even be worth it. My main point is Trearch please don’t turn my favorite game of all time into a ridiculously over complicated no good game.