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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Meh i guess it is a fairly good idea. but there shouldn't be specific zombies for each round. i just think that set zombies will take away the randomness of zombies. i mostly like how the zombies spawned in Der Riese where the dogs natutaly spawn at round 16 and above. also (wave 50) health bars would make it like an arcade game in my opinion. i would prefer zombies to never have a health bar instead have an item or body part that changes when the zombie gets close to death, like George in COTD.
  2. This video will explain everything in Kino. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... kpb4KtctPQ
  3. Zombie Suggestions

    That would be fucking awesome. someone on this same subject posted some cool ideas for a ranking system and even titles i page 1 the third comment. Also There should be a hacker machine. you pay around 4000 points and you get the hacker. but they should move the hacker to be down on the D-Pad instead of up. but to make it fair if you get downed you loose it. Unless you have quick revive.
  4. Fattening up Zombies

    Zombies will be fine. the reason they are putting in gametypes is for the competitive zombie players. and they are puttung in 8 player because the maps are going to be huge that there will be too much room for 4 people. With moon i think they did a fine job. if you didn't need to mind your oxygen level then that would be pretty occurred being in space without a suit. with the hacker i think they found a good balance because that way not everyone can get the hacker but that person wont be able to stay with it forever. the juggernog and speed cola at Area 51 was a good idea in my opinion, having the good perks in one area and the rest in the moon. BTW. i hate five and Shang, not because they are bad maps but because is is too tight and you get no space except in some areas but you cant stay there forever. moon was probably the best ending that they could have for Zombies. having you to stick together was probably the best thing for the conclusion for this chapter
  5. Zombie Suggestions

    This is my Wonder Weapon idea. Name: IGC-116 (Infinite Gravitational Crush-116) Effect: the area you shoot a zombie will create a small area with infinite gravitational pull, in short a black hole, that will crush the zombie into itself. Ammo: 2/18 Story: After the incident at area 51 the U.S. started study with gravity and 115 to see if they could send the zombies to Limbo so they would never see the zombies again. During the tests when they used 115 as the power source the element then became a new element that was unstable and dissolved, this new element was element 116. PAP: IGC-116 V-FREE Effect: Creates a miniature black hole hat sucks in any zombies around it for 5 seconds. Ammo: 4/36 This weapon, like the V-R11 and the wave gun are meant for the easter egg. ( I have been watching UFO Hunters from History Channel and believe it or not they actually talked about element 115 in one episode, in case you are interested in that stuff the episode was "Area 51". So this gave me an idea for this weapon but not just that episode there was another one called "Nazi UFOs". you can watch these episodes and more on youtube. ) If you want inspiration for wonder weapons try looking at shows that talk about myths, legends, aliens, and or supernatural beings.
  6. Zombie Suggestions

    I agree with the rest of the things that you said but these ideas sound a little too over powered and might ruin the game. Juggernog is already overpowered if you are really good at the game. Doubletap is pretty good the way you said it but it could be a little bit more balanced. With Quick revive i think that with the third time you buy it it should only give you quicker crawl. Finally you should only be able to PAP twice because the third time might make the weapon really over powered. Not a bad idea but it could be more balanced. [brains]
  7. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    i would love to see another sniper wonder weapon. Name: The Uproar Effect: Burns zombies to a crisp PAP: Gun of Apollo Effect: can revive team mate, increased ammo and damage per second this gun would be a little bit like the scavenger, when you shoot it it shoots a bullet covered with fire when it hits a zombie it it explodes like the scavenger, but instead of the regular scavenger pulse this one is of fire spreading everywhere and lighting the zombies on fire i would also like the V-R11 and the Winter's Howl to be back. the winter's howl isnt such a good weapon but if you look at it it kind of looks like it is incomplete, so probably it is going to get an upgrade in black ops 2 [brains]
  8. Zombie Suggestions

    you know how on every zombies map there are only two wonder weapons, well in the zombies mode for BO2 there should be 3 Ray gun, V-R11, and the new wonder weapon. before you say "why should that crap gun be in the box it sucks" it is not crap if you know how to use it. And also you are not supposed to shoot zombies, only in groups and if you want them to go away are you supposed to shoot them but they have to be fairly far away.another was to use it to simply shoot your teammate with it and give them "GOD MODE" or Z-Vision, this makes every zombie think that your teammate is a zombie for a few seconds. When it is PAPD it is allot better, just waist one or two clips shooting your teammate and he will have Z-Vision and insta-kill zombies for minutes. Another way to use the PAPD version is to shoot a zombie that is in a cluster 3 times and they will explode, destroying everything around it. The final way to use the PAPD version is to shoot George Romero while he is in the water and he wont come back until the end of the round. [brains]
  9. Zombie Suggestions

    It's a good idea but you would need a machine that could mix different guns. not only those two but every gun in the map. Also you are saying that 17 of the zombies die by the wonder waffe effect and the rest by the thunder gun effect, now that isn't really much of an improvement counting that it uses 2 wonder weapons that kill all zombies when they are clumped together. its the same thing as a regular thunder gun or wonderwaffe except with a different animation for the energy shot. What im thinking that it should do is that it should shoot like a regular thundergun with a bolt in the middle and when it hits a zombie it discharges lightning for a 15 foot radius,anything in the middle of 15-20 will ether turn the zombie in to a rcrawler or make it slower for a couple of seconds. [brains]
  10. Zombie Suggestions

    I'm ok with 1,2 and 4 but with 3 i think you went a little over the top with the game modes. i do agree that they should have new game modes with vehicles except not too many, maybe 2 game modes with vehicles would be good. Also this sounds more like something that would be in spec ops than in zombies, but still good idea though. [brains]
  11. Perk-a-Colas

    well its not bad i think it has a fair balance of cost and power could be quite useful for people who just started playing the game but not as useful for pros at the game.
  12. Perk-a-Colas

    I like the idea of all but with grape ka-boom i think you should only be able to buy it once a round. why you ask, because people when running trains they would just keep shooting the zombies buy the perk use it and repeat
  13. Zombie Suggestions

    In the new zombies mode there wont be that problem because i think it was in E3 that treyarch said that they were moving Zombies from the Campaign engine to the Multiplayer engine. this allows host migration in zombies. Like if the host leaves then it will go to host migration find a new host and continue the game from the exact same place.
  14. Zombie Suggestions

    what they should do for zombies is put in an editor to create your own maps. i know that it might be too much space for it to be in the disc so what i was thinking is that they should make it a DLC. it would probably be like around 2-4 gigs and if you want to download other peoples maps you could do that to for about 0.5-1.5 gigs.i think that it would be awesome to be able to create your own map with easter eggs and allot of other stuff. but before you say that it would be almost impossible to create a map just look at the Halo forge mode for creating a map and also look at some maps that people made for Trials Evolution combine those two together and you got the zombies editor. and i know that Treyarch cant just copy and paste Bungie's forge mode im not saying that, but what im saying is that they should take the simplicity of the Forge mode and a little of the editor in Trials Evolution and just combine the two if they do decide to implement my idea into the game this is a little but of how im thinking that the main menu would look like this -Campaign {-New {-Continue {-Intel -Multiplayer -Zombies {-Solo/Co-op {-Xbox Live/PSN/Online {-Editor(Classified) -Settings Im thinking that the editor will stay classified until you buy the DLC for around $20. and then when it is declassified the editor menu will look like this -Editor {-Start from scratch {-Start from model {-Continue {-Upload {-Community Start from scratch is where you pick the sky and you start building in empty space there will be a highest point, a lowest point and a mid point to show you the layout. Start from model is where you pick one of the 6 preset models of maps and you start from there and keep building on Continue i dont have to explain this but ill do it ether way, in continue you pick one of 10 save files and continue on Upload you just upload one of your save files and let other people play on you awsomely built map In Community you can download other maps and rate them out of 5 stars or in this case brains, i still need a snappy new name for "Community"
  15. Perk-a-Colas

    two new perks one just came to my head right now Name= Hammer Time Tequila Cost= 1500 Effect= lets you rebuild barriers at a faster rate Color= White this one isn't really that useful but just thought i should put it anyways Name= Dual Wield Whiskey Cost= 4000 Effect= lets you dual wield any two weapons except LMG's and big wonder weapons like the "Thunder Gun" or the "DG-2" also you cant dual wield two different guns, for example the MP-40 and the M-16 you cant have that combo it has to be two of the same guns. Color= Golden this is one perk that i would like to see in the game