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  1. CoDz Elite Clans for Black Ops 2. Apply Now!

    ( )/ I sent an application.
  2. Official No Man's Land Records

    Well I can't update the leaderboards for a while because my laptop has a virus and I can't use it. So I'll have to leave the updating to someone else.
  3. Official No Man's Land Records

    I am sure Dougie will update leader board pretty soon but This will put you on Top2 Codz. Congrats man. My mistake, I forgot to update the leaderboards. :oops: They should be updated in 10 min.
  4. Official No Man's Land Records

    Nice. I need to start playing NML again... I'll update the leaderboards later, I have to check how many points Phxntxm has.
  5. NGT Zombies is here!!!

    I love you Spiderbite! Yes I am a fanboy. :?
  6. Highest round on Der Riese?

    As Silentcrisis said, 40 but we got the damn G_Spawn Error. I'm going to go for 40(again) or 45 pretty soon. I don't try solo because well I get bored as hell.
  7. Official No Man's Land Records

    Updated. @way I've recently have gotten internet again so I'll be able to update more frequently. ;)
  8. Official No Man's Land Records

    Really? I just see that one record needs to be added.
  9. 20 Questions - CoDz Style

    Is it a pistol?
  10. 20 Questions - CoDz Style

    I'm going to take a Big Fat Guess and say Wunder Waffe?
  11. Official No Man's Land Records

    Updated. Does anyone else think this should be stickied?
  12. Official No Man's Land Records

    I'll leave the updating to way for now, because I'm only to check back ever so often.
  13. Letting go.

    IMO if you already purchased the map pack, should they find a way to ''carry'' the maps from BO onto to BOII so you wouldn't need to re-buy them. i.e. if you bought DLC from ''LiitleBigPlanet'' then that DLC would also be compatable with ''LittleBigPlanet2." Just my thoughts.
  14. Official No Man's Land Records

    Nice Super, real happy for you. OFFTOPIC: My mother is getting internet someday in the upcoming month, then I can put as much time into NML as I want. ;)