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  1. With all the guard towers, and the name similarity with Call of the Dead, could we see something like the light house light back? Outside, it is pretty foggy too
  2. I have a little theory going on what we knew last night, but with the new map out, that theory is busted. I will work on it. Seems a lot like the map Kowloon from MP on BO1. So from what I remember is Kowloon was on rooftops in a slum area in China, similar to Die Rise. Tac, I will contact you on skype.
  3. Achievements!

    I see what you're saying, this is the first thing I have seen on this and it is a very rough hypothesis. I believe we could be seeing the other side of the big building. But the blue circle, I was going for like a wave mist, where the waves hit and a splash of sea mist goes up. I think that could be what it is. Especially since the menu picture looks to be a time of chaos, I believe large waves crashing is a very likely possibility.
  4. Achievements!

    This comes back to my idea, you start on a platform and have to work your way to the main tower. Could we be at a port? Because you bring up a good idea, those dragon boats, really makes me think this is near a port or something along those lines. Ok, so I dug a little deeper and I think I may have found a possible location. This info is just my speculation and thoughts from what I have seen so far. So I googled biggest ports in China and then searched pictures of a few of them and the port "Bayuquan" caught my eye. Here is my diagram and under I explain what I believe it all means. (Just noticed the whole picture isn't showing, here is the link http://i.imgur.com/fANuGXR.png) Red Circle- These buildings seem to match, the one from zombies being a little worn down and destroyed a bit, but I can assume that they are the same building, I mean look at them... They look so much a like. Blue Circle- This I noticed seems to look like water crashing over the edge of a platform, which I mentioned before. As you can see in the diagram, there is water in the back and next to a platform. Green Circle- You seem some smaller buildings in the back, which we can assume are just some sweat shops or buildings for the port workers etc. This seems to be the most possible idea of it's location. The port seems to be out on its own, as you can see there are mountains in the background cutting off from other communications. I don't know what to think, I looked pretty hard to find this. But when people pointed out that water splashing, it really got me thinking.
  5. Achievements!

    Dragon? I looked at this and had no idea... I think maybe you start out on a platform or like a street in china and there is a dragon similar to the ones on Chinese New Years and maybe something similar like that? This is probably the main that caught my attention, everything else was just, whatever. But dragon? You have to get it before round 2? I doubt it would be a boss because you have to kill it on round 1. Maybe the dragon follows you around and you have to lead it through a trap to kill it. That would be unbelievebly amazing. But scrolling through this thread I have noticed not much speculation about the dragon, but I felt the need to give my two cents.
  6. CoDz Elite Clans for Black Ops 2. Apply Now!

    I applied for the PS3 clan. If someone could accept me that would be nice.
  7. Hurricane Sandy

    My house was 15 miles away when the eye passed, lost 3 days of school, lots of power outages. A lot has calmed. I am in Northern Delaware (if you even know where Delaware is) but the beaches in my state were hit really hard and a lot of flooding. Hope everyone is ok. Stay safe my friends
  8. Tombstone

    Should have said that, feel free to speculate, just no leaks. Maybe a perk along the lines of.... uh... SCAVENGER MAYBE?!
  9. The Mustang Update

    No response?
  10. Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    True, I didn't notice that but now I do... I think it is REALLY early to try and find the location of this considering we only saw a junkyard and a corn field...
  11. Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    *coughleakedinformation48cough* It's right off of wikipedia... Not leaked... UNLESS!! lol
  12. Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    For reference, this is the hanford site we are talking about: A few things I would like to point out, number 1. There are no cornfields, like there are in the trailer. No where really can this relate to what we saw except the buses. Does seem like an interesting location and would be exciting if that was there. But I don't think there is enough evidence to show that could be the new map.
  13. Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    If you look at the bus, the paint is all tore off, maybe an effect from the bomb shot from the moon. I doubt that a robot would be driving a bus back then.
  14. Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    One thing I thought is that this takes time in the same time period. But the apocalypse has already happened... So everything is left from the time we were last at. OR this could be the result from the bomb that richtofen sent to the earth. After bomb on Area-51: Bus Stop Map:
  15. Big things I noticed in the zombie trailer

    Farm (From 3ARC's twitter): Town (From the first BO2 zombie footage): Bus Stop (From the preview we got this afternoon): I had a thread of this earlier and it was taken down, I guess cause I had no proof. But I think we might be traveling all around a post-apocalyptic town... P.S on the bus there are barriers, maybe while you are traveling you have to fight the zombies.