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  1. Funny Zombies Quotes

    "Winning" Tank Dempsey on Shangri la

    When i read this i was all like "please not be a teddy bear refrence, please not a teddy bear refrence." But then it happened. But if you didn't notice this before i can only imagine the level of excitement you had when you saw this. I bet it felt spectacular
  3. NASA Moon image AS11-38-5564

    to what er u refering too? My science teacher told me the info about the moon and she was pretty hot so i just accepted it. Too if theres any truth behind this idk just accepted it as second hand info. But i will look some stuff on the internet so i don't sound like a dumbass
  4. NASA Moon image AS11-38-5564

    Had no idea about the video. This made me curious so i just youtubed a bunch of stuff and just came across it when looking at crap. Yeah those theories were told to me by my space science teacher back in my highschool days but yeah i think the theory you pointed out is a good one.
  5. NASA Moon image AS11-38-5564

    I don't mean to be a party pooper but isn't the theory that the moon was all(or mostly) part of the earth kinda accepted like the big bang theory? Im tsaying that its kinda widely accepted, but of course theres nay sayers to both. But then again i also heard that the moon is basicly an alien starship disguised from asteroids from the asteroid belts. Check out bob lazars ufo and element 115 youtube video might kinda put the whole "aliens" in perspective to zombies but please note these are wild ideas im throwing out
  6. New Finding in Veruckt

    In lost they travel through time and stuff and in w@w zombs they didnt but in BO they did and also theres been many twists and turns so yeah thats my little theory on the numbers. Maybe they were telling us prepar for some ridiculous Shnit. And thats kinda what happened