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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    What about a flume ride? Just saying, it would be fun!
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    Fine, but wouldn't a zombie be dead? Without a pulse? Making this a very useless gun against zombies. His heart would already have stopped.
  3. Let's take a second look at the Ascension loading screen...

    Possibly, the rockets on Moon could be larger to add an extra Kinetic strike,think End War, before detonation burrowing into the ground. No real reason for small rockets on Ascension. Maybe beginning of space race and is for testing.
  4. Zombie Suggestions

    Ahhh, I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding, still like I said to Blo0d, I really like the idea.
  5. Zombie Suggestions

    Some one already thought of something similar, here's a link:http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=19115&p=191686#p191686 Its on page 8 about 3rd one down.
  6. Zombie Suggestions

    Well, Blo0d_smear, I really like your idea. However, I can think of at least a few thing that can be changed. Rather than just being able to button smash on the lights, how about batteries that get bought, with a max of 10? Could also tie in to the head lamps making Night Vision goggles more attractive. About 100 points per bat? Also, does Dynamite take longer to light? If it does, perhaps it should be a tact grenade and in dark (very dark to white eyes only) it attracts zombies much like a monkey. While were at it, what if we made a PaP for the equipment. Eg: extended battery life for headlamps, adding a small weak flashlight to the gas-mask, and changing the night vision to the "Heyana-InfraVeew" tying in the Scavenger and showing that it should be used for EE, hence the double ee's in veew rather than view. Much better than my idea though. I like it, and would definitely play this map!
  7. Zombie Suggestions

    I had thought about paradoxes, but not all theoretical physicists agree that time loops. Some think its more like a tree. With multiple branches leading in similar directions, but ultimately ending something different. So basically what I'm getting at here is that, its not the same story; but a completely new , but very similar history. Oh, and for varieties sake, Shi No Numa is the only Black Ops or W@W map you can play. Just with slight differences.
  8. Zombie Suggestions

    Ok guys, we all know how you can travel through time with the teleporter right? *cough...cough* Anyway, how about some more WW2 or even WW1 maps? Paris, London, Austria? Basically Samantha figures out a way to travel back through time to some map. After charging the teleporter, they jump back to the past. While there the main EE covering several maps is to stop Richtofen before he begins... Or maybe dismantling the Illuminati? Anyway, similar to the Black Ops ones, you do minor/major EE. Each one giving you something nice. Including an early German Flux Capacitor? Ultimately leading up to Richthofen not being assigned to group 935? After the end of the MAJOR MAJOR EE you get sucked into a time paradox sending you toooooo... Shi No Numa! Where you play untill your death. Perfect end to a never ending story. No?