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  1. The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    :lol: Challenge Name: Flop w/starter Number of Players: for most fun 4 guys running around flopping using M&Ss Required Map(s): Must have PhD Flopper Objective: Use upgraded starter pistol and flopper ONLY once you have gotten both Limit: Once the barricades are open and you have 70K you must get perk/upgrade and only use them forever Disallowed Perk(s): none Disallowed Weapon(s): once Flop and Mustang & Sally achieved, nothing Else, or half credit for using tactical explosives Challenge Name: One man army Number of Players: 1 Required Map(s): MOON Objective: Pack a punch the starter pistol while in No Man's Land Time Limit: unlimited Round Limit: n/a Challenge Name: And now to lose some Friends Number of players: 3-4 Objective: After round 10 one player has to go down and die each round, then come back Any map, any weapons, though you purposefully will lose them whenever its your turn Challenge Name: And now to lose some perks Number of players: 3-4 Objective: After round 10, one player has to go down, come back, and not repurchase jug until the moment the next round starts. So someone is always running around without jug or about to get taken out. Weapons: whatever can be used to get that guy whose been downed back up is okay Challenge Name: And its the Long Shot Objective: Pack a Punch 3 sniper Rifles or bolt action rifles/crossbow Perks: mule Kick Map: any with pack a punch For extra points: more people on team that do this one the better post score like: 3 players total, 2 achieved objective, lasted 21 rounds like 3 pl, 2 ach 21 Challenge Name: A Day at the Races Number of players: 3-4 Required Maps: All Objective: play all maps, in order, in one sitting with same party Players: any Disallowed perks None, unless you're hardcore, then only what came w/BO eds of maps(ie, no mulekick, Box OK) Disallowed weapons None, unless you're hardcore....no mulekick, box OK, unless really hardcore, only weapons from box also in WaW maps
  2. Max Ammos from Wunderwaffe kills

    Electrified zombies drop Max Ammo. If you have like 5 crawlers after a round, get george to electrify them. Pro Tip: run George angry, all game, behind someone in the lighthouse, he keeps electrifying zombies, lots of max ammo-saves money, and no one else worries about george, ever. Plus if you're using the Scavenger, you kill george and get a new perk every two rounds, so if someone drops and loses their perks they immediately start back on track to 7. only problem is what to do on rounds w/o George, you still need ammo then, but I guess thats why 3arc put in the Vrill.