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  1. How far have you gotten?

    The problem with the mule kick area is the astronaut. He can basically eliminate 1/2 of your train area by him being there. You have to kill him right away. Which I hate doing. But Biodome is so huge and open that you can not see him for an entire round. Well, it's not that hard, but true that its annoying, yeah in the biodome i gotta say it is a bit easier tho, but i like it in the mulekick area cuz u get infinite ammo basically :D
  2. How far have you gotten?

    Really?, im surprised most people havn't gotten that far, I play on PS3 but at my friends house he let me play on his xbox, so ive been watching some gameplays before hand, and i kinda know where to train, so basically just go to the mulekick-74u area just stay there until u get enough points to PaP then go pap then go back to same spot hack the 74u and stay there, i got to round 31 that way until i got bored.