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  1. Glitching definitions

    Probably the fairest thing is to go by the map rules accepted by sites like zombie records, since these are generally accepted by the high round players. For example, they don't accept the flag ammo method on SoE. I don't always agree with their rules on what is and isn't an exploit or glitch but at least it's more or less a consensus the community can refer to.
  2. How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    This isn't true, I have pack a punched the servant holding a double pack a punched gun. I find the trick is to hold down the F key (pc) a few seconds rather than just tapping it when swapping weapons

    It's a good map though, overall I'm happy personally I only do the easter egg once to get it out of the way, I'm more interested in working out efficient strats and high rounds myself. Treyarch have really gone OTT with EE's since Ascension.

    The producer, like most people at the time, did not know the means used to complete the easter egg.
  5. Custom Zombies Pre Release: TMG CASTLE by QUIZZ!

    The embedded vid is a playlist so you will be able to check out the mystery box and some more really cool stuff in later episodes! Yeah I'm from Sydney BTW
  6. This is the first part of my playthrough of a pre release version of QUIZZ's new map TMG Castle. This map should be released to the public this weekend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQhq03rCsdY&list=PLg_RNyj68Wstx-QOrOQJ86zwSqDsG0zFg&index=1
  7. On the Topic of "Bullying on CODZ"

    Your experience might be different but being involved with a few different gaming communites eg warframe, elder scrolls online etc and I can tell you that they have a completely different feel to the COD community, both in game and in related forums.
  8. On the Topic of "Bullying on CODZ"

    Great post., I'd just like to say my experience on the codzombies forum here has always been pleasant, considering how toxic the COD community has become. I have been a member of various other zombies community forums one in particular I ended up quitting for good due to the hostile way the mods and site admins treated new or infrequent visitors combined with their unprofessional and offensive behaviour and comments relating to the death of someone in the community however this place has remained a pretty laid back friendly place to come and talk about zombies. Keep up the good work guys
  9. Some really good ideas, I particularly like this one, if I get to 25 on bus depot it should be worth more to my ranking than getting to 25 in Tranzit or Buried
  10. To be honest I was being a little tongue in cheek with a couple of things like the commando roll I agree with you on the thunder gun. However I suppose they could have a boss like George drop a gold plated one or something if we kill them (like he dropped the waffe). Wonderweapons should definately be unique for each map,although I don't mind if they carry over some wonderweapons for a map or two. However the ray gun is a pistol wonderweapon, considering the original ray gun has been in every single map since world at war I don't see why a ray gun mark 3 would effect having a unique primary WW for each map. In terms of becoming a zombie, it works pretty simply in exo zombies, if you die in coop your player becomes a zombie for the rest of the round which has to be killed. You can't control it as you are in spectator and you still respawn like normal the next round. However I guess that doesn't really make sense if you think about it as if you kill the zombified character how can they respawn... You don't like my idea of brutally killing off the BO2 characters? I have this whole scenario planned out where Stuhlinger gets a craving again for 'the flesh' which tips him over the edge into complete madness Apocalypse Now style and he kills the remaining BO2 characters starting with Marlton (maybe Misty gets away) then becomes a zombie himself. But that's just me.
  11. Since it's a coop mode I don't have much of a problem with rewarding veteran players with weapons, they can help the newcomers in their games survive. This works pretty well in similar games like Killing Floor, for example in which veteran players start with weapons which they can drop for newer players to sell. Also I think, for instance if you are X veteran rank and you have a chance of getting unique X wonderweapon or gun in mystery box or X unique perk in wonderfizz would be pretty cool. I kind of liked the idea (if not implementation) in exinction of certain rewards you could work towards to add 'ultimate' abilities or perks etc. To keep zombies more traditional the weapons could have the same damage just be a different model, for instance the higher ranked player could have a mauser starting pistol instead of a colt or something similar, or just a gold cammo or something. I personally had zero motivation to rank up in the BO2 zombie ranking system since you only got an emblem. Also you're kind of unusual in not liking wonderweapons, personally Iove them as do most zombies players but each to their own
  12. Bring Back the PPSH Bring Back the Thundergun NO MORE BUILDABLES Zombies respawn should work like this: zombies eventually respawn (rather than die out like waw) somewhere else in the map to prevent zombies getting stuck in glitches outside the map but this is not triggered if you move between zones, damaged zombies also eventually respawn (like in BO) you can keep a zombie or crawler alive and stop it respawning by feeding it (letting it hit you) like in WAW A ranking system that A) We clearly know how to rank up in and Rewards us in some way eg cammo, starting weapon, perma perk, provides the ability to access a rank specific locked wonderweapon SOMETHING Slightly more challenging zombie AI, similar to Exo Zombies Bring back original characters, maybe kill off BO2 characters in first map A game mode option in which you have to keep killing zombies to extend time left in order to prevent a game ending situation (similar to beast mode in GOW3) this makes gameplay more aggressive and fast paced rather than defensive Easter Eggs provide a random persistant reward each time it is completed such as a unique starting pistol, character skin, melee weapon, perma perk etc in other words like raids Make maps that play quicker and are faster to get around (not necessarily smaller) Less ghosts/supernatural themes and go back to the sci fi goodness of waw storyline Make sure Samantha actually has a German accent unlike Origins and pretend the origins easter egg ending was all an alcoholic fever dream Nikolai had after too much vodka Flopper should be in every map not mule kick If you die you become a zombie in multiplayer like in exo zombies Instead of a dolphin dive or knee slide have a commando roll Bring back Elena Siegman on vocals Ray gun mark...3? ONE more thing, most importantly: RADIANT FOR BO3 ZOMBIES OK thats all I can think of for now off the top during my lunch break
  13. Couple of things I forgot to mention in the commentary: Bad: *No Aim Assist in Exo Zombies. On console Exo zombies doesn't have aim assist which I personally found useful in Treyarch zombies (in fact Deadshot perk relies on using it). Good: *No buildables in Exo Zombies. Personally I am EXTREMELY happy they didn't go with the Black Ops 2 trend in having to collect parts and build literally everything in the map.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt1nXyh4YTY&feature=youtu.be
  15. Spork Challenge on Mob of the Dead!

    This is a challenge game on Mob of the Dead with yours truly, S1ippery Jim! In this game I set myself the challenge of surviving a full 30 rounds using only the Golden Spork to kill zombies. Problem is, the 30 rounds start from when I get the spork! Will I succeed or die trying? This series also shows a great solo strategy to get set up in the early rounds (I get hells retriever and the Acid Gat and fly the plane at round 4, and get the Golden Spork at round 8) 6euruXblFHE