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  1. Respect.
  2. Well said Eye. At the end of it all, there are arguments for and against different beliefs. Some people believe that God created the Earth and everything in it, whilst others believe in The Big Bang Theory. There is no conclusive proof of either, hence why people choose to believe in one and not the other. You shouldn't suggest that someone is mentally unhinged for believing in a superior being, when you're choosing to believe what someone is telling you just because they have a Degree, when there is no concrete evidence to back up their claims. At the same time, you shouldn't call someone a bad person for choosing not to believe what's written in the Bible. While it's fine to express that you don't believe in something that someone else does believe in, there is no call for belittling people and trying to force your views upon them. I have absolutely no respect for the guy that says, "You will go to hell for not believing in God", or likewise for the guy that says, "How can you say God exists when this or that has occured?". Thankfully, most of us here are considerate and mature about the matter. Just such a shame the rest of the world doesn't think similarly.
  3. Nice idea, but I don't think it's worth implementing. These sorts of situations can be avoided by using a bit of sense i.e. don't revive when there are zombies everywhere ;)
  4. Brilliant thread Jay, I'll try to give some [brains] but no doubt I won't be able to Spot on with my legacy, The Complete Solo Survival Guide is just that. Along with all of the gameplay achievements of course ;)
  5. You could teleport back to hack it and also hack one of the tunnels to clear the way, then do the same thing to lock him away again next time the tunnel breaches... but that's a huge pain in the ass, not even really worth it just to run in the huge Biodome without the Astro Definitely worth doing with the Recieving Bay strategy though. Here's a guide by Tom on how to do the strategy if needed: Good thing with this strategy is that it works at whatever round, so you can start it as early as you like. I've also found that camping in Tunnel 11 with the bottom 2 doors closed makes the ealier rounds go by really fast. So maybe do that until Tunnel 6 breaches, then do the easter egg and run the Biodome just while you wait for both Tunnels to breach.
  6. Thanks alot mate Yeah for solo it's okay since there's no easter egg. For co-op though, you can lock him away all depending on what strategy you're using. For example, myself and Tom used my Recieving Bay 2 player strategy for a round 66 game, doing the easter egg first before letting both Tunnel diggers breach and teleporting back to the Recieving Bay, leaving the Astro trapped on the other side of the map. We'd done the easter egg so we had infinite perks, therefore never needed to go back to the other side of the map anyways so it worked very nicely. You could do a similar thing if you were running the Biodome, just lock the Astronaut on the first side of the map. Though you'd have to all jump out of the area just before the digger breached, or let the Astro grab you and hopefully land in a good place.
  7. Hey guys, so I often get asked to show a round 1-10 playthrough for various maps to show how I get myself set up for a solo game, so I'm kicking off a series with Moon. Getting set up on this map takes considerably longer than any other for various reasons. This playthrough shows rounds 1-12, starting on No Man's Land and racking up a load of points - this isn't at all necessary but I like to do it anyways to get the best start. As you see, I camp in Tunnel 6 and wait for it to breach so I can lock the Astronaut in there. You can use the Bowie Knife up to round 10, then from then onwards if you don't have a good weapon you can Flop off of the stairs which normally is always a one hit kill up until round 17 or so.
  8. You take away my Mustang & Sally, I'll kick off :evil:
  9. Welcome to the site man! I remember this time last year I was picking up tips and tricks from you guys' videos, now here I stand as a multiple world record holder, much respect for you guys. Hope to see you getting involved around the forums :)
  10. Excellent post, my friend. You're absolutely right, only a way of killing the zombies is needed to keep going. Juggernog is a very valuable tool that enables us to use faster and more effective strategies. BUT, it's not essential. There is a tactic for the majority of maps that you can use that's slow, but can see you through 50 rounds without taking a single hit. The basics of spawn control: Spawns will only take place in current room/area + both adjacent rooms/areas. Areas normally marked by where door/debris once where, but occasionally differ. Keeping a door closed will eliminate obviously a spawn area. So, at a certain round after 40, the spawns will be fast enough for you to have them spawn in your zone in a clump, before running out to a couple of areas away which will be a spawn-free zone. Then you just run a figure of 8 shape with all zombies coming from one direction (exactly like running the telepad on NML). If you can work out a strategy like that, you've got the safest (albeit probably slowest) strategy for that particular map). I know I've put out a couple of these types of strategies, and know more that have never been used that I haven't bothered putting out. As also mentioned, becoming a good NML player will improve your kiting abilities, therefore survivability, in ways you could never imagine.
  11. Still no mention of my several 100+s and 60+ co-ops in my mini-bio :lol:
  12. I'd actually say Verruckt and Shangri La are pretty easy for revives, a map-loop of some sort is all that is needed and in Shang there are various options for routes. Same goes with Kino and Der Riese. FIVE can be a pain, especially if someone goes down in some place like the top of the War Room and everyone still keeps killing zombies. Especially if they're right over on the opposite side of the room to the stairs, in which case at least 2 monkeys are normally required. This is probably one of the hardest revives unless you have the Winter's. COTD can also be a pain since the map is so big. Moon is bigger but there are ways of getting round the map quicker (hopping into a Gersch Device, or dropping down from the teleporter into the power room to cut out the long route through the labs - I've used this one to make many cross-map and even power-room revives with no PES because I had the hacker). Ascension and SNN are mostly, wait for your teammate's hoard to come to you so you can go and revive your teammate safely. Nacht... if the situation is bad, which tends to happen, you'll need a hell of a lot of luck and skill to even get to your teammate alive.
  13. No because it isnt a wall gun (the m16) or a PaPed gun (epic win) Could have been the G11 ;)
  14. This guide was released only less than 6 months ago, kinda shocking how outdated the 'About the main authors' section has become in such a short amount of time :shock: Mine has gone from Superhands (Great Britain): insane solo player, several 60+ maps, master strategist, 298 kills on No Man’s Land. to Superhands (Great Britain): insane solo player, several 100+ maps and a world record of 115 on FIVE, 60+ co-op, master of No Man's Land with 361 kills and 330 on the telepad, master strategist.
  15. Yup Happy birthday mate :D

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