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  1. Revolution should now be downloadable!

    Yep gotta go the multiplayer menu ingame and download there. WOOOO
  2. Difference between Green Run and Tranzit?

    Does anyone know what the difference between the two is?
  3. Not sure if this means anything..

    You know, I'm actually getting angry at Treyarch. All of these teases, and still nothing. Remember back in June, "Zombie details will be forthcoming." Oh yeah, clearly. It's like when someone taller than you is holding something above your head and saying "Jump for it, come on JUMP!" and you can never get it. I don't care if they never bring out a trailer. Stop with the stupid teases.
  4. Is This True? About Kino Der Toten.

    Yeah, and apparently Black Ops was supposed to have Five and Ascension on disc, but Ascension got removed and put into a map pack.
  5. How Far Have you Gotten?

    Got to 33 with me, my brother on splitscreen, and a random online that we couldn't talk to. We camped at PhD Flopper with a bunch of explosive weapons.