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  1. What if...

    let us use a ratio how many zombies have YOU killed : how many times has a zombie killed YOU
  2. New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    hmmm... seems a teense over powered to be off the wall equipment maybe obtained from the box like gercsh devices?
  3. New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    yes, nailed it but a lot smaller
  4. New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    get this, a small UAV helicopter now I know what you're thinking, "they didn't have UAVs back then!" well they didn't have explosive RC cars, sentry guns, and portable sam turrets either here's how it works, you take it out, and briefely fumble around with some switches and buttons or something, then the motor comes to life and then it leaves your hands and flys around independantly it is built using the same ad hoc appearence of the RC car and sentry gun. It has an onboard machine gun that it will use to gun down the zombies, which is it's primary purpose. so basically, it is a portable, flying, sentry gun
  5. Cuba?

    looks more like Wolverine! anyway, yeah cool find. Can someone tell me what "Faust" is about? I know it was a poster on Kino, but what is it about
  6. Cuba?

    sounds good, but where is the image? :?