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  1. i gotta say the guard who was killed with the axe by dat big prison dude who is friends with resnov...cant imagine a worst death other than maybe drowning or anything else slow... whats the big dudes name by the way
  2. How Far Have you Gotten?

    it was my second time playing this map PS3 (first time i had to go somewhere n couldnt finish)
  3. How Far Have you Gotten?

    I just made it to round 24 with 4 people had thundergun and ray gun but my teammates kept going down one of them went down 20 times
  4. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    i made it to round 33 basically with 2 people because the other jerks left as early as round 15 n i did not expect to get this far jus did it the other day