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  1. More whistles, and a second generator?

    Yeah I know maybe I'm just hearing what I want to hear... I also think it MIGHT be the wind... and yes I've heard the howl... I'm slowly realising that the easter egg might indeed be over :cry:
  2. More whistles, and a second generator?

    First the image doesn't work, could you work on sending it another way? Second yeah, in case you didn't know, NGT just realeased 10 episodes from their live stream in wich they tried to debunk all the mysterys i'll get you the link for the episode regarding this thread: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbZkqzUn ... ture=feedu listen at about 1:50 and 3:50 , i kinda hear a howling...
  3. Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    About that whole thing that Treyarch would finish the Easter egg with an update, they can't just do that: release a product that isn't finished, it's just like if they released Black Ops, and only half of the singleplayer was done and said " Ok so yeah guys now you guys wait a month for the rest of it altough you've already bought it" . They can't just do that... But I'm glad you´re not giving up...
  4. Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    OMG I just love you for saying that! Altough it does seem to me that the whole NGT video was just a glitch THIS TAKEO THING IS LIKE...WOW i mean in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=60&t=6464&start=30 There is a video from PLAYTHEGAMECO, in this video it shows a briefcase and inside it are files of the NazisZombies storyline characters but what is most important is that the ONLY character that has a date of death is Takeo. Now 1+1= 3y227352785 according to my math and so if Takeo is the only one that if getting down resets and gives all the stuff back to the players then maybe it HAS something to do indeed with the whole sacrifice thing mentioned in that topic... Dam I don't know guys I mean it's late... It was all cristal clear a few minutes ago.. tell me what you think... And BTW all that I just said goes against everything I do since none of it is mentioned on the code...I think... PLUS NOW THERES THAT WHOLE SPARTACUS THEORY GEEZUS TREYARCH GREAT EASTER EGG ( no sarcasm)
  5. Paw print

    First why are posting this here? Second no it does´n't where have you seen that?
  6. Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    I think it was endeed a Gersch device since when he turns back you can see the other guy shooting his thundergun and a Gersch device down stairs... I'd say it's all just a glich and it only went back to normal went Spider, the host went down and was revived, so it actually makes sense... AND it has happened to several other people on other maps... and the DMs were only 45secs because the glich stopped them from being 90secs... I think... JUST MA OPINION :!: :D
  7. Paw print

    I agree it must be a 115 crater, altough all of this just gives us even more clues on where the next Zombie Map might be....